eMachines® T5026 Desktop

Product Review Summary

eMachines T5026 is a performance boosting desktop from eMachines that offers great support for multimedia and gaming activities. It features the powerful Intel Pentium processing power, 512MB memory, 160GB storage, and Intel GMA graphics solution. It also features a multi layer dual layer optical drive, separate CD-ROM, and Media Manager that allows easy data transfer between different devices and media cards.


eMachines T5026 can be used mainly for entertaining multimedia and graphics rich gaming experiences. The Ethernet standard and other connectivity options allow the users to connect to a network and a variety of external devices or cards. The vast storage of 160GB Hard Disk space makes plenty of room for the users to store huge movies and 3D games.

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eMachines T5026 is a high end desktop PC from eMachines designed to meet the multimedia activities and gaming experiences. It runs on the Intel Pentium 4 processor with a great processing speed of 3.06GHz and 1MB L2 Cache. Microsoft Windows XP Home suits well as the Operating System of the eMachines T5026. The 512MB RAM with dual channel memory constitutes as the system memory of the eMachines T5026 and can be extended up to 4GB. The storage of the T5026 desktop can hold up to 160GB of data. DVD RW with 16x Multi-Format dual layer and a separate CD-ROM drive with 48x maximum write speed serves as the optical drive of the eMachines T5026.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Empowered Processing

    The eMachines T5026 comes with a powerful processor that speeds up the computing tasks of the users. The Intel Pentium 4 processor 519J processing at a resounding rate of 3.06GHz guarantees to deliver the performance required for high end applications and heavy multitasking functionalities. Up to 4GB RAM with dual channel memory enhances the processing power by adding more room for the processor.

  • FOUR – Excellent Graphics

    eMachines T5026 also has excellent support for high end graphics. The 3.06GHz processor is capable of handling light graphics and games. In addition, the graphical performance is enhanced by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 with DirectX 9 support. Up to 224MB dedicated video memory offers handing huge HD movies and 3D games without any slowdowns.

  • THREE – Connectivity

    eMachines T5026 offers the users to connect with different media devices and network with its connectivity options. The integrated Intel PRO 10/100Mbps Ethernet allows connecting the eMachines T5026 with networks. Connectivity options of the eMachines T5026 include seven USB ports, an 8-in-1 digital Media Manager, etc. The Media Manager can access data from USB compatible devices and memory cards.

  • TWO – High-end Multimedia

    The processing power of eMachines T5026 is engineered to meet the high end multimedia activities of the users. The integrated Intel GMA graphics controller offer great visuals for pictures and movies. The Intel High Definition with 6-channel audio delivers decent volume for the sound system of the eMachines T5026. The premium multimedia keyboard comes with multimedia function keys that allow easy accessing of multimedia.

  • ONE –  Ease-of-Use

    eMachines T5026 desktop is designed to simplify the user’s daily needs with performance and user-friendly options. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition simplifies everyday tasks freeing plenty of time for the users to work more. The connectivity options including Media Manager and Ethernet network allows easy data transfer between the eMachines T5026 and external devices or network.

eMachines T5026 is a full-featured desktop unit from eMachines. It is packed with a powerful processor that is far better to handle high multimedia activities and heavy multitasking functions. The connectivity options, excellent support for graphics, etc make eMachines T5026 a better PC for most of the users.