Review of eMachines® W3611 desktop

Product Review Summary

The Intel Pentium technology with Pentium 4 processor that provides Hyper-Threading technology for the user needs is one among the stunning features of the desktop computer. The software support and the additional expansion options included with the computer also provide better computing features. Memory and storage options provided with the eMachine excel other models of the same series with the multi tasking capability provided to the users.


The eMachine W3611 desktop computers are better suitable for the everyday computing needs of the users. The device is better suitable for providing support for the gaming applications due to the speed of computing possessed by the computer. The desktop computer also enables multi tasking options and quicker processing speed to the users. User can experience a new look and feel while using the desktop computer.

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eMachine W3611 device is a desktop computer offered to the peoples for meeting their day to day computing actions. The technical specifications of the desktop system includes Intel Pentium 4 processor supporting 64 bit computing, Intel 945G Express chipset, 2.0 MB L2 cache, 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM, 160 GB Standard SATA hard disk, LCD display with 17â€Â screen size, Intel GMA 950 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0 graphics processor etc. The device also includes built-in software support along with the Windows Vista Operating System like drivers and other utilities, toolbars, security tools, other software applications etc. Card readers, support for flash memory cards like memory sticks, multimedia cards, etc, integrated network adapters, input devices for audio and video applications etc are the other specifications of the eMachine W3611 desktop computers.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Intel Pentium technology

    The processing technology included with the eMachines W3611 desktop computers is Intel Pentium. Intel Pentium 4 processor is included with the eMachines W3611 desktop computers. The processor is capable of delivering better desktop performance to the users. The computing functionalities can be enhanced with the multi tasking capabilities using the processor. Processor speed offered with the eMachines is 3.0 GHz and is capable of supporting 64 bit computing needs.

  • FOUR – Windows Vista OS

    Another key feature included with the eMachine W3611 desktop computers is the Windows Vista operating system. Windows Vista is the successor to Windows XP OS. Windows Vista enables running various applications and multimedia programs in the eMachine computer. Support of various software that are compatible with Windows Vista system is also included in the desktop computer.

  • THREE – Multimedia options

    The multimedia options are boosted up on the eMachine W3611 desktop computers due to the integrated Graphics Controller with Intel technology is included in the system. Input and output options provided with the computer also enhance the multimedia capabilities by offering support for playing video and audio files. Processor technology enables quick response for the gaming actions of the computer. The 17â€Â widescreen display is yet another factor that supports enhanced multimedia capabilities.

  • TWO – Expansion capabilities

    The eMachine W3611 desktop computers offer better expansion capabilities to the users for upgrading the system components. The expansion slots provided for the computer includes memory, processor, PCI Express options etc. Expansion capabilities are also provided for the different input and output components on the system like microphone, video, audio, display, mouse, etc. The 512 MB RAM included in the system is also expandable and supports upto 2GB size.

  • ONE –  DDR2 SDRAM technology

    DDR2 SDRAM (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) technology can be considered as a better memory interfacing option for the desktop computers since it excels the previously released technologies. The technology is featured with dual channel memory architecture. The installed RAM size on eMachine W3611 desktop computer is 512 MB. The memory speed offered with the desktop system is 533.0 MHz.

The eMachine W3611 desktop computers are a better choice for those people who are seeking for a desktop computer for meeting their everyday computing requirements.