eMachines® W3650 Desktop

Product Review Summary

This desktop is having the processor named Intel Celeron 440 processor. This desktop PC would include amplified stereo speakers, wheel mouse with two buttons and also the multifunction keyboard. All these are USB powered. This system has got 10/100 megabits per second for the Ethernet LAN connection. This system would also come with the Microsoft Works 9.0. The hard drive is about 160GB SATA II and 1 GB RAM memory is also present.


The eMachines W3650 desktop is the most solid type desktop PC and due to that, this desktop PC would be mainly used for college and school students. All the basic functions which are needed for the operation could be performed very easily by using this PC. This desktop PC is also a budget PC and an average man could be able to buy that.

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eMachines has manufactured many desktops and the laptops. Among those, eMachines W3650 desktop would deliver very nice performance. They could be used as the general computing and also for the entertainment. This series desktop PC has been released in the late 2007. This desktop PC is being loaded with the Intel Celeron 440 Processor. The default Operating System present is Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. Since this OS is very user friendly, you could perform your tasks efficiently of the system. The chipset used here is Intel 945GC. The warranty period is about 1 year. In general case, the eMachines W3650 desktop is the solid type desktop PC and it could be freely operated.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Processor

    It is seen that, this eMachines W3650 desktop is being shipped with a 64-bit Intel Celeron 440 processor. This is having clock speed of about 2 GHz. This would run built in cache memory of 1 MB. From the front side, bus of the chip would run 800MHz. This system would use the Intel 945GC CPU chipset. Since the processor is a 64-bit, it is capable of performing many applications as well.

  • FOUR – Memory

    In the case of the memory, the system would found installed with more than 1GB memory. This is of about 667MHz and dual channel DDR2 memory. The motherboard of the system has got two memory slots. But, it would use only one memory slot which would house the single stick of DDR2 RAM. You could be able to expand that memory up to 2GB of memory.

  • THREE – Optical and Hard Disk Drives

    eMachines W3650 desktop comes with previously installed 160 GB SATA II hard drive which would run at 7,200 RPM. This drive would also run the 8MB of cache memory which would aid in the performance of the drive. This system could be able to run the SATA hard drive up to 320 GB. There are also extra CD/DVD R/RW drive are present.

  • TWO – Audio, Video and Ports

    As audio card, this system would use 6-channel 5.1 high-definition audio card. While in the case of video, it would use Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 as card. This card is capable for use up to 224 MB of shared video memory. There are six USB ports that are present on the rear and also the front panels. Other 12 number of ports are also present and they would include two PS/2 ports, VGA, parallel and serial ports.

  • ONE –  Physical Characteristics

    In terms of physical appearance, this system is solid and could be used freely. The computer would measure like 16.1 inches in depth, 7.2 inches in width and also 14.5 inches in height. The weight of this system is only about 21.5 pounds. High quality materials are being used for the construction so that this system is durable also.

The eMachines W3650 desktop is a high performance personal computer including the basic computing tasks, web surfing, email checking also. This is budget PC having all these features.