eMachines® eME527-2537 notebook Review

Product Review Summary

In times of recession one has to always think about budget. Especially, when you need a laptop for general computing needs you will have to wish for an affordable computing solutions, which can be procured through eMachines eME527-2537, which is a powerful notebook computing device, that enhances overall computing solutions.


eMachines eME527-2537 is ideal for everyday performance. It is a sleek designed laptop that can be used easily for prolonged hours. The eMachines eME527-2537 laptop has also been embedded with high performance Intel Celeron processor technology. If you look forward to high performance laptops and gaming then eMachines eME527-2537 will prove vital to your needs.

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The eMachines eME527-2537 is ideal for all types of uses starting from browsing through the Internet, meeting the deadlines, using digital media applications and keeping pace with the social networks and much more. The machine is highly portable and is a preferred choice among students and small businessmen. Moreover, the notebook has 15.6 inch high definition wide display screen coupled with Intel Celeron processing, Intel graphics and Window 7 edition. The DVD drive in the eME527-2537 netbook allows you to watch movies and burn DVD’s and CD’s with various presentations, movies, audio files, etc.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Essential features

    The eMachines eME527-2537 notebook has the perfect blending of essential features like amazing battery life, stunning style, quality performance and value for money. Eme527-2537 notebook boosts 2 GB memory and thus delivers a fast processing system for all types of computing needs. Users need not waste time for waiting and loading. These outstanding key features of the eMachines Eme527-2537 distinguish it from the other competitive models in the market.

  • FOUR – Digital media

    Users of the eMachines eME527-2537 notebook can easily store, share and manage all sorts of files by connecting their various digital media equipments with the notebook. The notebook has digital media card that accepts all media files like photos, pictures and music.

  • THREE – Connectivity

    Users can ensure productivity while they travel; eMachines eME527-2537 notebook is integrated with 802.11b Wi-Fi that allows an easy access to email and various other websites. The high brightness and high definition wide display screen makes it convenient to view the content of websites.

  • TWO – Latest Operating System

    eMachines Eme527-2537 notebook comes with the latest Windows 7 home edition Operating System. This Operating System allows fast and easy processing. With this Operating System, users can attain all their tasks with fast searching and fewer clicks.

  • ONE –  Graphics media accelerator

    The eMachines eME527-2537 notebook comes with an Intel graphics media accelerator, which enables sharp images, color control and smooth playback are ensured through the efficient graphic media accelerator from Intel.

eMachines Eme527-2537 notebook is highly competitive in terms of other notebooks that are available in the market. The notebook also offers several other features for enhanced multimedia experience.