Drivers for Acer® Emachines Laptops

What are the roles of the various drivers in the Acer Emachines system?

Acer emachines are systems with high multitasking capability. These systems are powered either with the Intel processor or the AMD processor. The operating system specification in these systems is Windows XP or Windows Vista. The device drivers in this system play an important role in the proper communication between the Operating System and the hardware devices. Windows cannot communicate with the connected hardware without a device driver. Driver programs are Operating system specific which means you could use the same device or different a Operating system but the driver program for the devices would be different for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Most hardware devices are shipped with driver CDs that contain drivers for commonly used Operating System. Device drivers can be updated after they are installed. Windows detects and installs the compatible driver program automatically. If Windows fails to install a driver, you can insert the driver CDs or download and install them in the computer easily. You can go to the Device manager to check what all device drivers are installed.

Following are the different drivers available for Acer Emachines system:

  • Video driver

  • Scanner driver

  • Bluetooth driver

Video driver

The purpose of video diver in Acer Emachines is manipulating and displaying moving images. The main function of the video driver is to provide support to the video devices in the system. It has the capability of up-to-date devices. A video card allows video to be processed and sent to a monitor or other display in your Acer emachines. Video cards are a high-performance device; so regularly maintaining up-to-date video drivers for your card is highly recommended, especially for gamers.

Scanner driver

The imaging device in the system is known as scanner. You can scan images and documents with the scanner in the system. All new scanners are connected to USB port. A scanner will not be recognized by Windows unless the driver for the USB port is installed. Scanner driver and utility program have to be installed in the computer for the scanner to work.

Bluetooth driver

Bluetooth is a more secure and wireless radio technology that transfers data from the fixed devices. Bluetooth devices are designed as user-friendly so that you can easily transfer data. The driver can be easily installed with the help of CD/DVD which is available from your Acer emachines. While installing the driver, you should scan the system. For the working of Bluetooth device, a compatible driver is essential.

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