iYogi Fraud Protection Alerts: Beware of Charity Fraud!

Fraudsters active on the Internet always try to come up with new ways to rob people off their hard-earned money. The latest online scam is charity fraud. As the name suggests, kind-hearted people who are willing to give charity to anyone in need are targeted in this kind of fraud. The scammers establish contact with those who are willing to pay and then they convince them to make the payment in cash. The scammers usually trump up some kind of sob story to make their case seem more realistic. iYogi has done research on charity fraud and it has released the latest iYogi alerts that inform users how they can identify a charity fraud. The alerts even comprise tips on how one can stay away from the scammers. Read more…

Alice Webb, Kentucky

20 May, 2011

Saved at the last moment!
I am a teacher by profession. We do encourage students to participate in charity activities so that street children of their age can also get a good education. One fine day we received an online request from a big charitable trust requesting funds from children for their charity. They also added that it was an emergency and asked us to remit the amount to the given account. I decided to call the trust and verify. To my surprise the trust denied it had ever asked for money… Thank God for saving me at the last moment!

Kamala Czymbor, Boston

05 May, 2011

I too became a victim of charity fraud. I had lost a large sum of money. I donated $1,000 for an orphanage. I want to tell you that by following few precautionary measures, you can avoid becoming a victim of charity fraud.

Jamie Carter, South Dakota

04 May, 2011

I fell victim to charity fraud. I got a mail in my inbox with some really sad pictures of some typhoon victims. As I had seen and felt the wrath of a typhoon many years ago, I wanted to help and immediately wired the person some money. A couple of days later, I saw an ad warning the general public of typhoon fraud and only then did I realize I had been duped. I do not understand why people even come up with such scams! They shame the entire human race!