iYogi Fraud Protection: iYogi Alerts for Internet Auction Fraud

iYogi helps you to learn more about protecting yourself from Internet auction frauds. The Federal Trade Commission receives several complaints about Internet auction frauds throughout the year. Consumer complaints include cases of non-receipt of paid-for goods, delivery delays, and delivery of defective goods. Awareness of different types of Internet auction fraud would help you from being scammed by all the fraudsters. In case you want to participate in an Internet auction, be sure to verify the credentials of the seller. Try to find out the physical address and phone number of the sellers, and see if they can be identified. Read More…

Here’s what a typical message looks like:

Sample Email 1

From MRS.MARIA PAULSON <info@maria.com>

reply-to edmundhudginschambers@w.cn

to ***

date Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 7:53 AM


Dear Beloved,

My name is Mrs .Maria Paulson.I am a dying woman and I have decided to will my

fortune ($10.5 Million,) to you for your personal and charitable goals.I am 59

years old and was diagnosed of cancer about 2 years ago, Kindly Contact my

lawyer through this email address ( edmundhudginschambers@w.cn)

if you are interested in carrying out this task. My lawyer”s name is Barrister

Edmund Hudgins.

I know I have never met you but instincts tells me to do this,and I hope you act



Maria Paulson

Sample Email 2

The Royal Bournemouth Hospital


I have a business proposal. My name is Larry Peters, a medical doctor. I have a widow here in my clinic who is on a political Asylum in the English Refugee Camp, she has been so ill for some couple of months now and I hardly think she can survive the illness.

She revealed to me her history and about her late husband who was a top military officer in one of the West African country (Sierra-Leone) before his death during the civil war and the fortune she inherited from her late husband. My profession permits quarterly audit of my accounts. Therefore, she has asked me to source a credible and trustworthy partner abroad who will manage her funds for investment for her young children, the sum of Twenty Eight Million United States Dollars which her late husband deposited in a Fiduciary Agent in South Africa. I wish to propose your interest for this venture and I believe you will be in the position to assist in managing this large sum in a profitable venture and also to help create a safe haven for her children by making a residence arrangement for them in your country.

After she had disclosed this information to me; I saw the reason to request from her to allow me see the documents relating to this deposit of which she did, now I have the documents covering the deposit which I will not hesitate to fax copies as a prove for your confirmation as soon as I  receive your response via email. I am obliged to assist this lady knowing too well that she has a limited knowledge in the business world and as such she can not manage this funds herself and in Africa in order to avoid any trace of her by the ernment, I will need from you a mutual understanding and then we shall make plans on how the funds would be secured into an account in your name; after which you will arrange and travel immediately to meet with the fiduciary company Agent in Europe for clearing or delivery of the deposit via a Diplomatic Courier ystem.

This funds are sealed up in 2 trunk box and it is registered and declared as containing family treasures, so even as I am writing to you now the security company and it”s Agent is not aware of the monetary content of the boxes. Let me assure you that this transaction is 100% hitch-free and risk free.From my discussion with her, she has agreed to give you a reasonable amount of percentage for your involvement in this and this has to be discussed upon the receipt of your quick response via my official Email:  lar*****aw@yahoo.com indicating your interest.

Thanks and remain blessed for your understanding.

Sincere regards,
Larry Peters.
medical doctor

Ever received a mail from a Nigerian official or diplomat which claimed to make you richer by a million bucks or more? Have you been a victim of the notorious Nigerian or 419 fraud and ended up in a complete fiasco? Share your story with us at iYogi and we will publish your story to ensure that innocent people do not get defrauded anymore by the Nigerian fraud.

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Todd Lewis, Seattle

25 April, 2011

People buying stuff online…hope you are reading this! ALL ONLINE AUCTION WEBSITES are fake and you would never get what you paid for. People unnecessarily pay for either broken or stolen or sometimes worthless things and then end up whining about it. Someone with half a brain would not go for such auctions and get scammed!

Christopher Hall, Oregon

08 April, 2011

I had purchased a beautiful watch online. It was something that I had wanted from a very long time. I paid for it online itself from my credit card and was conveyed that it would be delivered at my home in a week”s time. But I was shocked when I opened the box. It was a tool-kit. I tried calling in the number that was given on the website from which I had purchased but nothing was done. It has been two months since that tool-kit arrived at my place. I never got the watch I paid for and it was an Internet auction Fraud that I fell for. From that day onwards I never purchase anything online.

Getting Sent the Wrong Product: Internet Auction Fraud

Daniel Lewis, Wisconsin

15 March, 2011

One of the worst experiences dealing with internet auction fraud that I ever had was buying one product, and then being sent another. This one time I bought a ring through an auction site, and then I was completely surprised to be sent a certain kind of tool instead. I had spend hundreds of dollars on the ring that I purchased and won on, and I was incredibly disappointed to receive a small tool instead. This was one of the worst experiences of Internet auction fraud that I ever had.

It was so frustrating to waste my time trying to get the right product. I never was able to get the right product sent to me, since the creator of the listing had truly manipulated the whole process. One would think that he or she has plenty of recourse when it comes to Internet auction fraud. However, the truth is that a person may not have as much recourse as he or she thinks. In my case, the Internet auction company actually agreed with the creator of the listing. I was never sent my product, because the company thought that I should have known better throughout the whole process.

Overall, the whole experience was a mess and I lost out on hundreds of dollars. I will never use an Internet auction again, because I do not trust them at all. I think Internet auctions are truly horrible and can cost consumers hundreds of dollars. It is not a good idea to use Internet auction sites.