iYogi Alerts for Online Automotive Fraud

iYogi has released alerts for the emerging fraud in the Internet world, that is, online automotive fraud. Online automotive frauds have been increasing at an alarming rate. In this type of fraud, fraudster usually posts a vehicle for sale on a website that actually does not exist. Such vehicles can be a sports car or luxury car, and is advertised at a very low price as compared to the market price. The victim then contacts the fraudster for the vehicle via e-mail and gets a response that vehicle is located overseas. The victim then sends the money via wire transfer for shipping of the vehicle. This way the person becomes the victim of online automotive fraud and never receives the delivery of vehicle after wiring the funds. Read more…

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James Hanes, Brisbane
09 May, 2011

Having been a victim of automotive fraud I would like to tell other people how they can avoid falling prey to such fraud. Always go for a realistic deal; do not forget that no one can offer a $1000 thing in $100. Trust me, by following some basic precautionary measures you can keep such frauds at bay.

Rodney Young, Denver
22 April, 2011

Hey Smith, sorry to hear about your money but you should have known better. Online automotive fraud is pretty rampant and only novice Internet users would be looking to buy stuff online. Most of these scammers hire ladies to attend phone calls so as to make their stories more believable. Even I had a run in with such a lady but did not lose my money.

Online Automotive Fraud: Fake deals

James Smith, California
15 April, 2011

Hi, James this side another victim of fraudulent activity. My experience with this fraud is not at all different from other hundreds of people who look for best deals over the internet. One day, while surfing the internet, I found a very attractive advertisement. I clicked on the link provided on that add and that directed to one automotive websites. The website was really very interesting; one can find best deals on all vehicles and get the best car at very affordable price. I just got attracted and decided to purchase the car from there. I sent an e-mail to the address given in that advertisement. They asked me to pay for car as well as shipping charges. I transferred the funds through a wired network. After sometimes, I came to know that I got scammed by some fraudulent activity. After knowing the fact that I have being trapped by some scam I got disappointed. I lost good amount of money. Being a victim of Online Automotive Fraud, I just wanted to raise an alarm and make other people aware of it. To avoid such kind of scam you should take some preventive measures like don not believe in unrealistic deals offered over the net.

Smith Jones, Oklahoma
08 April, 2011

I was looking for a used car for my son who had been asking for one since last year. I finally gave in to his demands and started to look online for a suitable one. There was a Volkswagen which was neither too old nor too expensive. I immediately called in at the number that was given and spoke to a lady who was the owner of the car. She told me that due to some business loss she had to sell off that car. I finalized the deal and wired the payment instantly. The car was to be delivered in a week’s time at my residence but it has been almost three months since the deal was made. It was nothing but an Online Automotive Fraud by which I was victimized.