iYogi Fraud Protection: iYogi alerts you about the Internet Ponzi Fraud

Scammers are always on the lookout for ways to fool innocent people by promising extraordinary rate of returns. Internet Ponzi Fraud is one such fraudulent activity in which spammers make use of online advertisements and e-mails to lure people into money investment schemes by assuring them of high returns. People, who have the desire to earn quick money, mostly fall prey to Internet Ponzi Fraud. Internet Ponzi Fraud schemes exist in a variety of forms, and that is the reason why iYogi has taken the initiative to make the people aware about these fraudulent activities through iYogi Alerts

Here’s what a typical message looks like:

Sample Email 1

rom massimo.denaro <massimo.denaro@unipa.it>

reply-to frankwillson2010@hotmail.com


date Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 10:56 AM

subject WINNER

mailed-by unipa.it

hide details 12/1/10

This email is to inform you that, you have won £750,000.00 GBP form the


Microsoft Windows Live To Claim Contact Mr. Frank willson, Agent


with Name, Country, Age and Phone no.

With Regards,

Mr. Frank willson

Sample Email 2

Gary Parks
ReplyTo: fed*****78@yahoo.com.hk
Sent: Apr 9, 2011 12:13 PM

You have a bank draft of $800.000.00 USD which await outstanding payment of $50 USD.You need to Contact Mr.William Harrison Email: fed*****78@yahoo.com.hk Tel:+2348*****

Mensaje enviado desde el webmail de UNI2 http://*****ouni2.com/

Ever been a victim of the infamous Ponzi fraud with promises of high returns to investment? If you have been fooled into losing large sums under fraudulent investment schemes and other deals, we are here to publish your story and bring the Ponzi fraud to light! Share your story by writing to iYogi and change the lives of people.

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Ponzi fraud!

Ronald Thompson, Memphis

25 April, 2011

Too bad about Ruth’s money. I cannot understand why someone would invest huge amounts of money with an online company without any proof. I mean, if you think about it, if some stranger came up to you in person and asked for money saying they would double it..would you believe him? I guess not! Same principle applies here. If only people used their brains a little such scams would not even come up.

Ruth Evans, Utah

08 April, 2011

It was through an e-mail that I got victimized by the “Internet Ponzi Fraud”. In order to earn some quick bucks I kissed goodbye to my hard earned money. I was such a fool! Till date I have not been able to save up half the money that I had invested in that fraudulent scheme. It was an e-mail that triggered my interest and in a rush to double my money I had fallen prey to that scam. Till date I have not received any pay out and losing a huge amount still pinches me.

Bad experience with Internet Ponzi Fraud

James Smith

23 February, 2011

Hi, I am James, working as a Public relations professional. My job is to handle public communications and to present and maintain a positive public image for my organization. I just wanted to share one of my bad experiences and make other people aware of this scam. Last year, I had become a victim of a scam called ‘Internet Ponzi Fraud’. I had invested a huge money but in return have not received anything. They promised to pack back a good amount of interest but after few months stopped crediting money into my account. They took all my personal information while submitting application for buying the investment plan. At that time, I got very depressed as a pretty mature and sensible human and also amazed that how can I get trapped with such a scam. For a few days, I was very upset because of the whole incident. I just wanted to give some suggestion so that nobody else would be victimized with this scam. Being a victim, I just wanted to advise people not to disclose while doing any online transaction and keep their personal information secure. Even if you want to do online transaction just take the owner”s name, business identity, telephone number, street address, mailing address, and business license number before you transact any amount. Some can even provide false names, telephone numbers, addresses, and business license numbers. So beware of these things while buying any investment plan over the net. At that moment, I forgot that money cannot be earned without hard work and effort, and so got ripped off.