iYogi Fraud Alerts: Check before you get into online jobs

People willing to do part time jobs mainly prefer to do online jobs. The fraudsters gather your information like your financial details stating that this information is required for processing your salary, and so on. But the fact is that they use financial details to defraud you. Your bank account will be depleted. After completing their task the work-at-home fraudsters change their number and address. Read more…

Jason Clark, Seattle
31 May, 2011

Work at home scams
Most of the work at home jobs are scams, so please use your brain. These scammers will suck every penny out of your wallet; don’t get caught in these scams. Always remember that you will never have to make the initial investment to get started unless you are buying them for your own business. As the current economic condition is bad these scams are increasing day by day, so you have to think before investing money.