iYogi Fraud Protection: Beware of Internet Ticket Fraud

Do you book your tickets online? Beware Internet Ticket Fraudsters who are out there waiting to cheat you. The websites that these fraudsters create look very genuine and you can be fooled very easily. You may end up receiving fake tickets or you may not receive your tickets at all. Not only will you lose your money, you will miss your favorite shows too. iYogi Alerts caution you to watch out for these Internet ticket fraudsters and they advise that before making an online payment for your tickets, cross-check whether the site is legitimate. Read more…

Carl Thomas, Georgia
15 June, 2011

Fake ticketing sites!

I was trying to book online tickets through a website, the ticket cost over $100 , the so-called manager of the company told me that he can give me a special rate if I wired the money!! That made me think twice & I probed further.. it didn”t take much time for me to find out that the whole thing was a scam… beware crooks active online & carefully check all details before you book your tickets.

Peter, New Jersey
04 May, 2011

Don”t trust them easily…

Don”t trust ticketing websites easily….. they could be fake. My sister trusted one such site and had to pay heavily……. She booked ticket for a concert that was to take place in China…. Paid a hefty amount for it…. All the preparations were on. She had even booked her air tickets but the tickets never arrived… my lil sis was heartbroken.