Review Gateway® 450ROG Notebook

Product Review Summary

The Gateway 450ROG Notebook is known for power and features with outstanding performance. Memory of this laptop is 266 MHz DDR-SDRAM. Gateway 450ROG Notebook offers advanced Configuration and interface. This laptop also provides Li-ion battery technology. This advanced technology offers longer run times with less weight. The Operating System in Gateway 450ROG Notebook are Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, and Windows 2000. Gateway 450ROG having a 14.1-Inch XGA display.


Gateway 450ROG Notebook comes with the latest and advanced features. Gateway 450ROG Notebook is having Hi-Capacity Auto-Air Adapter. Gateway 450ROG Notebook has got advanced Power Interface that provides improved performance. Gateway 450ROG Notebook is sufficient to fulfill the needs of business professionals. This laptop will also support dual display and dual view. Gateway 450ROG Notebook offers great power and usability. It also supports dynamic charge current to achieve the best charge performance.

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Gateway 450ROG Notebook has got Intel socketable micro-FCPGA2 that allows you to perform number of application at the same time on your laptop. Gateway 450ROG Notebook is well designed and has the extra visual appeal. Gateway 450ROG Notebook also offers greater power and flexibility. It also has 1 GB maximum system memory. This Gateway 450ROG laptop is featuring 256 MB memory and 30 GB hard drive. Gateway 450ROG laptop offers Multifunction buttons. Gateway 450ROG Notebook also offers two USB 2.0 ports, they are One Fire wire Port and One Type II PC Card Slot. Gateway 450ROG Notebook is developed with perfect screen size with 12.1″ XGA touchscreen LCD and weighing in at just over 6 lbs.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – System memory

    Memory type in Gateway 450ROG Notebook is 266 MHz DDR-SDRAM. Gateway 450ROG Notebook has no on-board memory. The maximum system memory in Gateway 450ROG Notebook is 1 GB. The Memory expansion option comes with two 200-pin industrial standard DDR-SODIMM sockets. It will boost the speed of Gateway 450ROG Notebook. Gateway 450ROG Notebook accepts two PC-2100 SDRAM memory modules.

  • FOUR – Video and audio features

    Video memory in Gateway 450ROG Notebook is 32 MB or 64 MB. Gateway 450ROG Notebook has maximum panel resolution of 14.1-inch and 15.0-inch. Gateway 450ROG Notebook also controls brightness level, icon to display 8 levels of brightness, Auto dim, Auto bright. The laptop comes with PCI interface audio and Digital DVD audio. Stereo speakers are integrated to the Gateway 450ROG Notebook.

  • THREE – Storage

    This laptop comes with high storage capacity. Hard drive manager in Gateway 450ROG Notebook supports up to ultra DMA 100 and up to PIO mode 4. Hard drive is replaceable and it is having only 2.5-inch diameter and 9.5 mm height. To find the hard drive capacity in this laptop, click start, then click on to the My Computer. After that right-click the drive letter, then click Properties.

  • TWO – Physical specifications

    Gateway 450ROG Notebook is having the dimensions of 15.0-inch and 14.1-inch display. Gateway 450ROG Notebook is designed with special and attractive design and the system comes with different colors. Weight of laptops varies depending on configuration. Gateway 450ROG Notebook is designed with bright colors. Gateway 450ROG Notebook also includes DVD drive and 6-cell battery. AC adapter weight of this laptop is 370 g.

  • ONE –  Special features

    This Gateway 450ROG Notebook has good battery life it will support dynamic charge current to get the best charge Performance. A liberal number of USB ports are available in this model this will allow you to connect what you need without carrying additional hubs around. If notebook cannot be restored by power Switch, it will Resets complete Gateway 450ROG system.

Gateway 450ROG Notebook comes with the latest and advanced technology. Gateway 450ROG Notebook is the best notebooks available in the market. And it is also having greatest flexibility features.