Learn about Gateway® Broadcom Bluetooth® Driver

Learn about the purpose and significance of Gateway Broadcom Bluetooth driver. How can one download and install the driver on various models of Gateway computer?

Bluetooth help users connect their systems to any Bluetooth enabled device such as smartphones or printers without wires and data can be shared among these connected devices without any delay. Majority of all new computers including models from Gateway come preinstalled with Bluetooth technology. Broadcom Bluetooth hardware is used in Gateway computers. Models such as Gateway nv52, Gateway nv53 etc are some of the models which come with Broadcom Bluetooth hardware. These models require Bluetooth drivers for the functioning of the Bluetooth components. Drivers are the link between the Bluetooth components and the Operating System and without them, the OS would not be able to communicate with the Bluetooth components and vice versa. Broadcom Bluetooth drivers for Gateway computers can be easily downloaded from the genuine website of Gateway. When downloading the drivers for gateway computers, users must ensure that the drivers are of the correct specifications and that they are of the latest versions available. Users can limit the Internet bandwidth utilization during the download process to ensure that the driver download would be steady and can be completed without any interruptions.

The following are tips to install Broadcom Bluetooth drivers in Gateway computers:

  • Stop unwanted services

  • Run antivirus program

  • Manual restore points

Stop unwanted services

Before starting with the installation of Broadcom Bluetooth drivers for Gateway computers, it is recommended that users stop all unwanted services or applications that are running in the background of the system. This would considerably reduce chances of errors or problems coming up with the driver installation process. The active services can be terminated using the task manger of the system.

Run antivirus program

When installing Broadcom Bluetooth drivers for Gateway computers, it is advisable that users run the antivirus program installed on the system so that all possible malware infections can be removed. If malwares are present within the system, the Broadcom Bluetooth drivers would get infected which will result in malfunctioning of the Bluetooth hardware and problems such as blue screen errors will crop up.

Manual restore points

Gateway users installing Broadcom Bluetooth drivers are requested to create manual restore points prior to the driver installation process. The manual restore points would be of great use if some problems come up after the driver installation (such as blue screen errors). Using the restore points the system can be easily restored back to an ideal working state.

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