Install drivers for Gateway® MX6440

What are the guidelines for installing drivers for Gateway MX644?

All computers require drivers to function. Drivers are the communicating link between the hardware components on a computer and the Operating System installed on the machine. There are many high performance hardware components on Gateway MX644 and they would require special drivers that need to be installed on the system. Apart from drivers, Gateway MX644 also has a service known as BIOS. BIOS checks whether all the components on the system are working well and prevents the system from starting up if there are some issues with the components so as to avoid system damage. Users can also download the BIOS or drivers from the genuine website of Gateway. All Gateway MX644 users downloading BIOS or drivers are suggested to stop all other network based applications so that the driver download would be fast and uninterrupted.

Following details gives users more information regarding tips to install drivers for Gateway MX644:

  • Scan for malware

  • Check integrity of system files

  • Create Restore point

Scan for malware

Before starting with the installation of drivers or BIOS on Gateway MX644, users are advised to scan the system thoroughly for malware. If malware are present on the system, then it is very likely that the drivers or the version of BIOS being installed would get infected or corrupted. An updated antivirus program or malware removal tool should be used for this purpose.

Check integrity of system files

All Gateway MX644 users installing drivers or updated versions of BIOS are advised to make sure that the system is totally free of errors or problems. Gateway MX644 users should check the integrity of the system files on the OS using the default system file checker utility and if some system files are found damaged, the OS would have to be repaired before carrying out the installation. If the drivers or BIOS are installed when the system has some errors, the installation would run into errors.

Create restore point

Gateway MX644 users installing drivers or updated versions of BIOS are suggested to create a restore point before initializing with the installation process. The restore point should be created as a precautionary measure so that if some problems such as system errors or hardware malfunction comes up after the installation, system can be rolled back to previous good working state.

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