Gateway® DX4300 Series BIOS Update

Do you know what is meant by updating the BIOS of Gateway® DX4300 Series notebooks and why it is important to update them?

The Gateway® DX4300 Series BIOS update is very important for enhancing the system performance. BIOS simply stands for basic input/output system and is a basic software that directly enables communication or interfaces computer hardware components with the operating system. It is embedded directly on the motherboard on an EEPROM (electronically erasable programmable read only memory) chip and uses a small battery fixed on the motherboard to keep the programs even when the computer is powered off. The BIOS instructs the CPU to access the hard disk to load an operating system for your notebook to boot after pressing the power button. The BIOS are able to save small amounts of information and are configured by the user if needed at system start up. BIOS update information is always available from manufacturers.

To fully appreciate and understand more about the Gateway® DX4300 Series BIOS update, it is important to look at the following points :

  • What is meant by updating the BIOS?

  • The need for BIOS update

  • Issues that may emerge with a BIOS update

What is meant by updating the BIOS?

BIOS chips are programmable via a firmware upgrade known as flashing in a process called updating the BIOS. This is basically adding more instructions to the BIOS for more enhancements geared toward improving the system performance. There are many types of BIOS and the process of updating them depends on the manufacturer of the notebook or motherboard. The BIOS for the Gateway® DX4300 Series notebooks are available for download at the Gateway® website. Users get instructions there on how to go for it.

The need for BIOS update

The Gateway® DX4300 Series BIOS update is needed to provide enhanced support for hardware components in different operating system platforms. Updated BIOS gives users more and better or advanced options to select from in order to optimize their system performance.

Issues that may emerge with a BIOS update

The Gateway® DX4300 Series BIOS update is a very delicate process which can cause problems if power interruptions occur during the process. Extra care should be exercised to prevent your system from the firmware to infect the BIOS chip as that may permanently damage the system motherboard. Only the BIOS updates meant for the particular board should be installed.

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