Recovery Management Gateway® DX4320 Series

What is Recovery Management in Gateway DX4320 Series? When is system management needed?

Gateway DX4320 series computer systems come with an AMD Phenom II X6 1035T processor of speed 2.6GHz with TurboCore Technology up to 3.1GHz. Other major components of the system include an 8GB DDR3 dual channel memory, up to 1.5 TB SATA hard drive and ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card with 1024MB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM. The system is preinstalled with Windows 7, 64 bit Operating System. Furthermore, the system is bundled with special utility software Gateway Recovery Management which offers secure system restore and recovery facilities so that you need not to be concerned about the data loss that can occur during a system crash. You can easily get options of Gateway Recovery Management by clicking 'Start' option on your Windows 7 Operating System.

Gateway Recovery Management, its role and situation leading to system recovery are discussed below.

  • Gateway Recovery Management

  • Role of Recovery Management

  • System Recovery Situations

Gateway Recovery Management

Recovery Management is a software package which comes preloaded with the Gateway DX4320 series computer systems. This utility software contains a number of programs including backup, restore, recovery from hard drive and recovery from the factory recovery disc. All these programs help you to recover the Gateway DX4320 series computer systems from major problems. Furthermore, it prevents permanent loss of data. The backup program with this utility gives two options which are “Create factory default backup disc” and “create driver and application backup disc".

Role of Recovery Management

This software package makes you capable of recovering data easily and securely after deleting. Recovery Management utility allows you to restore applications and drivers separately. It also contains a password restore facility. “Recovery from Factory Recovery Disc” option in it restores your system back to the factory settings with the use of factory Recovery disc. “Recovery from the Hard Drive” option restores the system to factory setting with the use of Alt-F10 to access the recovery partition.

System Recovery Situations

Your Gateway DX4320 computer system might come up with a system recovery at any point of time due to many reasons. Unexpected system crashes can cause loss of data from your system or result in unpredictable responses from the computer system. To recover the data you can use the “Recover from the Hard Drive” option in the Recovery Management software. Both hardware and software failure leads to the data loss and problems with the Operating System in your computer. To overcome problems such as startup issues, system hang, sudden shutdown, improper working of devices, you should restore your system using system recovery.

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