Gateway® DX4822 Desktop

Product Review Summary

The stylish sleek design of Gateway DX4822 desktop system makes it fit to any available workspace. The main feature of this desktop is the Gateway my backup button and the photo frame button which is very useful to the users. These buttons are not available in other desktops of same class. There is Gateway recovery management feature for creating and managing many applications in Gateway DX4822 desktop.


Gateway DX4822 desktop has a tower style and subtle design which helps the user to fit the desktop easily at any workspace. The photo frame button in this DX4822 desktop can be used for easy transferring of photos and videos from a digital camera to computer by the soft single touch on the button. The process of taking back up of the system has also become very easy with the help of Gateway ‘my backup’ button.

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Gateway DX4822 system has an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 processor with 2.6 GHz speed. The memory capacity of this desktop is 6144 MB which has DDR2 memory that can be expanded upto 8 GB. The hard drive used in Gateway DX4822 desktop is SATA 1TB which has a rotation speed of 5400RPM and also has a super multi drive for DVD±R/RW. The graphics used in this Gateway desktop is Intel graphics media accelerator X4500 which delivers high graphics performance to the users. It has a powerful video engine for delivering new media experience to the users. The pre-installed Operating System in Gateway DX4822 desktop is genuine Windows 7 Home Premium. The ports and connectivity available in this desktop are 8 USB ports and one FireWire ports.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Photo frame and my backup buttons

    The user can transfer photos and videos from a digital camera to the system with the help of digital media card reader which delivers high performance by recognizing almost all formats. With a soft touch on the photo frame button, which is unique, can make the screen into an excellent slideshow for your favourite pictures. The backup of your system can be done in single touch by using Gateway my backup button which performs and set-up the backups.

  • FOUR – Graphics performance

    The graphics used in Gateway Dx4822 desktop is Intel graphics media accelerator X4500. The Intel X4500 series has a powerful video engine which provides a new media rich experience for the users. This media accelerator in DX4822 desktop delivers excellent playbacks without any support of add-on video cards or decoders. The technology named Intel clear video technology combines the technologies for video processing hardware and software for excellent visual experience.

  • THREE – Gateway recovery management

    Gateway DX4822 desktop provides Gateway recovery management to the users. This recovery management is used for creating application and driver backup disk, default backup disk, password settings management, restoring the system to original factory settings if needed, reinstalling applications and drivers, etc.

  • TWO – Processor

    The processor used in Gateway DX4822 desktop is Intel Pentium Duo Core processor with a speed of 2.6 GHz and 512 KB L2 cache. The Intel Dual processor will help the users to enjoy the Internet activities like web surfing, favorite applications, e-mail, etc. This desktop delivers high performance and experience with the trusted and durable Pentium Dual processor.

  • ONE –  Design

    The design of Gateway DX4822 makes it a very stylish desktop. It has a tower style design. Gateway DX4822 desktop has black external case with a glossy finish at the top portion. This Gateway desktop measures 16.2 * 7.1 * 16.3 inches. The connectors and ports are at the top and back side of CPU. Overall, it is simple to use and easy to set-up, and can be fit in any workspace.

Gateway DX4822 desktop is featured with stylish sleek design and can support basic computing needs. Thus, the machine suits the users who need great features at reasonable price.