Gateway® DX4831 Series BIOS Update

BIOS is a software stored on a ROM chip of the system. The ROM chip is located on the mother board of the computer. It is the first program that is run by the computer when you start it. This program first detects that all the necessary hardware are connected to the computer and are in working condition. Then it searches for the operating system in the PCs hard drive or in any other removable drives. Once detected, it initializes the operating system and grants the control of the computer to the operating system.

  • What is the need for BIOS?

  • When to upgrade your system BIOS on Gateway® DX4831 Series?

  • Precautions while upgrading BIOS on Gateway® DX4831 Series

What is the need for BIOS?

BIOS is an essential part of any computer because without it you can never start your operating system. Even MS-DOS® requires BIOS for performing most of its command actions. Apart from this inherent feature of BIOS, it is also used to change the boot sequence of the computer, configure hardware, enable/disable system components, set system clock, and select potential boot device.

Apart from these, the most important use of BIOS is to invoke a BIOS password to access BIOS hence preventing unauthorized people from booting the system and also preventing remote devices to access the system.

When to upgrade your system BIOS on Gateway® DX4831 Series?

BIOS upgrade is needed only when you want to support a newer form of hardware attached to your computer. Newer hardware means a new CPU, a new processor, or a new hard disc of larger capacity. One easy way to check whether you need BIOS upgrade is to open BIOS while starting the computer and note its version and then crosscheck it on the vendor’s website. If the newer computers are factory shipped using a new version of BIOS, then you need to upgrade your BIOS too.

Precautions while upgrading BIOS on Gateway® DX4831 Series

Although upgrading BIOS is just as easy as running any other installer, there are a few things one must ensure before attempting to upgrade BIOS. The most important thing is to make sure that while the BIOS upgrade is in process, the system power doesn’t die. Power failure or battery discharge during upgrade can corrupt the BIOS permanently. If the BIOS is corrupt, then the motherboard cannot be turned on leading to a heavy loss.

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