Gateway® DX4831 Series Memory Upgrade

When is memory upgrade required for Gateway® DX4831 Series?

You can improve Gateway® DX4831 Series system performance by adding more memory to it. Before you go for a memory upgrade it is essential to gather required information about the system. The Gateway® DX4831 Series supports up to 8 GB of memory. For your systems to run efficiently and the smooth functioning of all applications, your PC must have appropriate memory. If your system is running slow when you are using applications like photo or video editing software, while playing games, or your system hangs for brief moments or the applications are taking more time than normal to initialize, you should consider upgrading the system memory.

  • Is upgrading system memory the only option?

  • How much memory do Gateway® DX4831 Series require?

  • Precautions and things to keep in mind while doing the system upgrades

Is upgrading system memory the only option?

You system can run slow due to various reasons other than low system memory. If your system is infected by viruses, it will function slowly. In this case, installing suitable antivirus software or upgrading the existing one may solve your problem. Certain hardware faults like conflicting device drivers also make the system slower. Defragmenting the hard drive regularly considerably increases the performance of a system. If Gateway® DX4831 Series is still running slow, you should upgrade the system memory..

How much memory do Gateway® DX4831 Series require?

Gateway® DX4831series supports system memory up to 4 GB. For running most of the applications this much memory may not be required. When your system runs out of memory, its uses the hard drive for memory, which is a considerably slower. You have to assess how much memory you are going to need. Operating systems and applications have a minimum requirement for the system memory. You should add up the minimum system memory required for applications that you are going to run at a time and if that memory is greater than the installed RAM, you should go for the upgrades.

Precautions and things to keep in mind while doing the system upgrades

You should ask for professional help while upgrading the system memory. Components of the system can sustain severe damage if there is any mishandling during the installation. You should correctly assess the amount of memory you are going to need in the Gateway® DX4831series. You should make certain that you system is not hampered by other issues like viruses and hardware faults.

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