Gateway® DX4831 Series Series Restore

Issues related to restoration on Gateway® DX4831 Series computer

Restoring or recovering a PC means recovery of the operating system and all the other essential programs and drivers required by the PCs hardware. It is either provided as a separate volume in the PC which cannot be used for any other purpose or as an application through which you can create recovery discs. Any of the two ways are sufficient to invoke system restore on a computer. The recovery discs are used if you want to format all your hard discs or if your system crashed and the operating system is no longer working.

  • Why do you need to restore your system?

  • How to use System Restore on Gateway® DX4831 Series ?

  • Limitations of System restore

Why do you need to restore your system?

A system recovery is required when you are unable to boot your system properly due to any software fault. The fault may arise due to any of the reasons like any system volume has disappeared or any malicious software or virus is preventing your computer from booting even in the safe mode. Faults are also due to incompatible software or driver installed by you which has crashed the operating system or whenever you try to boot you system, you always end up seeing the blue screen. This primarily occurs due to the cabling issues of RAID drivers or the system BIOS.

How to use System Restore on Gateway® DX4831 Series ?

You can restore your computer to the factory shipped condition by two ways. One way is to use the system restore application of the Windows® 7. Through this method, you can restore your computer to any previous restore point created on any earlier date. Any applications that were installed during the interim period are likely to get affected. The second method is to use Gateway® Recovery Management provided by the manufacturers. It enables you to create a default backup disk and an application and driver backup disk using this program. Gateway® Recovery Management can be used to restore the system to the default factory shipped condition. GRM can also be used to reinstall essential applications, reinstall drivers, recover user account passwords, and to recover data from the hard disk of the PC.

Limitations of System restore

System restore has its limitations as it is not an ultimate solution. The first restore method is useless if the virus or any malware has affected you computer in such a way that you are unable to load the OS. The GRM method is unable to help you if your CD/DVD drive is corrupt. Also the discs created through GRM run a risk of contracting errors over time as it is with any other CD/DVD.

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