Gateway® e4100 Desktop PC Review

Product Review Summary

Gateway e4100 desktop is developed with 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor to provide great performance. This computer has 512MB of DDR RAM. Gateway e4100 desktop also comes with 40 GB hard drive, CD-ROM, and floppy drive. Gateway e4100 desktop is a reliable network ready, managed computer. Gateway e4100 desktop is an excellent solution for all types of business users.


Gateway e4100 desktop is mainly designed for businesses that are looking for affordable pricing mixed with high-level performance. Gateway e4100 desktop is good to fit with any IT environments. Gateway e4100 desktop is ideal for basic office jobs such as mail service, word processing, spreadsheets and Web surfing.

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Gateway e4100 desktop is an outstanding business computer that comes with CD-ROM optical drive, floppy drive, 8 USB and 2 Serial ports. Gateway e4100 desktop is a better choice for students, home business users, and anyone who requires great performance at a low price. Gateway e4100 desktop offers advanced technologies that business professionals need, all at a low price. Gateway e4100 desktop is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Pro operating system and it is available in black color. Gateway e4100 desktop has slots such as PCI Slots and AGP Slots. This computer also has got ports such as eSATA Ports, LAN Ports, VGA Ports, DVI Video and HDMI Ports. This computer comes with integrated graphics and integrated audio.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Hardware

    Gateway e4100 desktop comes with great hardware for better performance. Gateway e4100 desktop provides midlevel hardware at reasonable price. Gateway e4100 desktop has got suitable drivers for better performance of the hardware.

  • FOUR – Client Management

    Client management is a powerful tool to control the working of the Gateway e4100 desktop. Client management contains different types of functions and can operate according to your needs. Client management is web-based and it is normally intuitive. Client management will tell you about the memory slot, whether it is filled or not. Client management uses different method to monitor the system completely.

  • THREE – Speakers

    Gateway e4100 desktop is developed with 2 speakers for better sound clarity. The speakers of Gateway e4100 desktop perform well. You might experience some sound issues, when you are watching a DVD or are listening to music. This issue occurs when you try to increase the volume. This problem with the sound can be resolved by using headphones or external speakers.

  • TWO – HDMI Port

    Gateway e4100 desktop comes with HDMI port that is used to connect an external monitor to your computer. The HDMI port is placed on the side of the computer. The HDMI port is very suitable when you feel the computer screen is insufficient for you to watch movies. The HDMI port included with your computer will help you to connect the external monitor.

  • ONE –  Third Party Software

    Gateway e4100 desktop has a lot of special software that offers advanced options and applications for users. It is possible to install all types of third party software on your computer. The advanced third party software installed on the computer provides more options for you to perform.

Gateway e4100 desktop has different types of features and specifications. Gateway e4100 desktop has got advanced options than other computers. This computer includes number of ports and other types of devices.