Gateway® EC14-Series Memory Upgrade

Do you want to know about the need of upgrading the memory of Gateway® EC14 Series system?

Gateway® EC14 Series system has a sleek and impressive design. The processors included in this series are Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Pentium® or Intel® Core™ 2 Duo. Gateway® EC14 Series system is thin and light. As it is portable, therefore, you can carry this laptop anywhere. The memory upgradation of this system lets you improve its speed and performance. When you feel that the system runs slowly or hangs-up, you need to upgrade its memory. RAM is the storage space where the system saves all details and the data. If the load is increased, then the system will fail to find sufficient memory space to store the data and this further leads to serious problems. Also, if you plan to upgrade the operating system or any of the software, you need this memory upgradation. For example, if you want to upgrade your current operating system to Windows® 7, then the minimum memory of your Gateway® EC14 Series system should be 4GB. If the system has insufficient memory, then it might lead to blue screen errors, system crashing, sudden shutdown, etc.

Memory upgradation improves the system’s performance in the following ways :

  • Enhanced speed

  • Less scope of errors

  • Better multitasking

  • Improved data access speed

Enhanced speed

The memory upgradation always helps to improve the system’s performance. After upgrading the memory, you can install several software applications and programs, as well as download high-definition video files.

Less scope of errors

One of the most common problems due to insufficient memory space is blue screen error. This normally occurs during the up-gradation of software. If you upgrade the memory, then errors like blue screen, sudden shutdown and slow start-up, etc. will decrease and thus the system will run at its optimal speed.

Better multitasking

Multitasking environments like Windows® rely mainly on the memory. Multitasking also gets improved by upgrading the memory.

Improved data access speed

Data access time is the time used to access the data from the system’s memory. If not enough memory is available, then the access speed will be decreased and thus the system speed also decreases. Thus, memory upgradation lets you increase the data access speed.

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