Network Controller in Gateway® EC14 Series

Are you curious to know about the use of network controller in Gateway EC14 Series notebook?

Network Controller is a hardware device that handles an interface to a computer network. Network cards are the expansion boards which are inserted into the computer. It allows the computer to connect to a network. They are also acknowledged as Network Interface Cards (NIC). It helps in direct memory access (DMA) and also in plug and play. Network protocol is an important parameter specification which is to be considered while selecting network cards. They can also be used in wireless systems. The configuration specification while selecting network cards includes host bus, number of ports, port type and operating system. The speed at which data is transferred is also an important specification when selecting network cards. Gateway EC14 Series notebook has a very reliable wireless connectivity. Network controller also requires specific driver to run smoothly. The role of a network card driver is to build a communication bridge between the operating system and the network controller. The operating system will not recognize the network controller without a driver program.

Role of network controller in Gateway EC14 Series notebook has been discussed below-

  • Establishes a network connection

  • Holds an identity for the computer in the network

  • Works with the network protocol

Establishes a network connection

The main task of network controller is to enable the LAN connections. You also require admin privileges to control the network. It also enables you to close the connection after browsing. You can also view the current state of network from the network controller software utility. If any error occurs while you are enabling network connections in Gateway EC14 Series notebook, right click and select ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

Holds an identity for the computer in the network

Network controllers have the parameters which are applied to clients such as QoS, global or interface-specific DHCP server, layer 2 and 3 security policies, etc. These controllers can have individual clients (MAC address) which allow them to connect the entire individual clients log into the wireless LAN. The network controller has the particular ID through which they send messages to the corresponding computer.

Works with the network protocol

A network protocol is a set of rules. It contains mechanisms to identify devices and make connections. It also specifies how data is packaged and sent. Different protocols are HTTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, etc. The choice of network protocol includes ATM, CAN bus, and Fast Ethernet etc. It exists in the Data Link Layer of the OSI model. The implementation of the 802.11 b/g draft N wireless provides a reliable connection to wireless networks in Gateway EC14 Series notebook.

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