Gateway® EC 14d-Series Memory Upgrade

Do you know why you need memory upgradation for your Gateway® EC 14d-Series system?

Upgrading the memory (RAM) of your Gateway® EC 14d-series system is one of the most efficient, cost-effective and quickest way to enhance or boost the performance of your system. Lots of new systems come only with a bare minimum of memory within it. By adding more RAM or upgrading the existing memory, you can add more power to the system. Installation is also not that much complicated. More memory is always considered better for the system as it enhances the performance. By upgrading the memory you can have lots of advantages like smooth multitasking, efficient networking and spectacular gaming. It would also allow you to perform editing very quickly and easily.

Here we will discuss some of the reasons for upgrading the memory of your Gateway® EC 14d-series system.

  • For faster web surfing

  • Enhanced printing

  • Efficient video editing

For faster web surfing

When your work demands that you spend countless hours on the Internet, you might face the slowing down of your system’s speed at some point of time. When your system stores more data in RAM, it has to swap out little memory to the hard drive. Upgrading the memory of your Gateway® EC 14d-series system would facilitate your browser to display pages faster, irrespective of the speed of your Internet connection.

Enhanced printing

The issues of printing can be fixed easily by a simple memory upgrade. Such a boost in performance might have a big impact on productivity, particularly in a networked environment, where more than one system would be sharing one printer. The memory upgrade of your Gateway® EC 14d-series system would affect both speed and quality of the printer. The printing quality shall be improved as additional memory allows to print better even at higher resolutions. And you can also print faster because a printer buffers part of a print job before it is actually printed. The more memory helps to have more buffers, which in turn help you to print faster.

Efficient video editing

As video files are very large, you would require a large hard drive to store such files. Video editing programs like Adobe® Premiere and iMovie® typically requires 64MB of RAM, but still more is better. About 256MB or more memory would be needed to help you in editing without waiting for your system’s hard drive to catch up. But upgrading the memory of your Gateway® EC 14d-series system would definitely help you to speed up things.

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