Gateway® EC14D Series Network Controller

Role of Network Controller in Gateway® EC14D series and the need for network controller drivers

You could extend your style with Gateway® EC14D series since this is light and has less weight, you could carry this system wherever you go. This gives you 8 hours long battery life. This series is actually powered by ultra low voltage processors such as Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Pentium® and Intel® Core™ 2 Duo chips. The intelligent Gateway® PowerSave adaptor helps you to conserve energy. Most of the users now demand a fast network connection. Ethernet controllers or network controllers are actually used to satisfy this need of users. A network controller is a device used to communicate in the network. These controllers actually transmit data between computers in the Ethernet network. These devices are connected with the modems. These network controllers differ in their processing speed, connection type and the interface. The speed might range between megabytes to gigabytes. The common speeds are 10 Mbps, 100Mbps and 1000Mbps. These network controllers can be easily installed and there is no need of manuals. They are actually used for initiating, controlling and refusing a network connection. When you plug a network cable to your system, the operating system will auto configure the connection. The role of network controllers in Gateway® EC14D series is mainly to make easy network connection with less number of errors.

The needs of driver for network controllers are as follows :

  • Understand the user request

  • To access the network connection

  • Identification of network controllers

Understand the user request

Network controllers are used to transmit or receive data in a network. When a request from the user arrives, it converts that request in to assembly language and transmits the assembly language request to network controller. Similarly the result from the controller is needed to convert in to user understandable language. This is also done by the driver. Without this driver, proper communication between the user and network controller is not possible.

To access the network connection

Network controllers are used to access the network. In case of controllers working under corresponding drivers, the network controllers will not work without these drivers. So to access the network connection you must install the proper network controller driver.

Identification of network controllers

If you want to increase the network speed, you need to update the Ethernet controllers. For this you have to identify the type, size etc details. These details can be accessed access from the network controller drivers.

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