Gateway® EC14D Series Recovery

Data recovery in the Gateway® EC14D Series notebook computer

EC14D is a series of new laptops launched by Gateway®. Its small and compact look is deceiving as it many advanced features. It features an 11.6” HD screen with a high resolution of up to 1366x768 pixels. It is aimed for entertainment purposes rather than for high end computing and processing. Running on an Intel® CULV processor, the laptop has an 8X SuperMulti DVD player. Apart from the usual laptop features like 4GB DDR2 memory and 320GB SATA HDD, it holds an integrated webcam and wireless LAN features for Wi-Fi connections. The Gateway® EC14D Series laptops are capable of external HDMI® outputs and come preinstalled with the Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system. Besides offering these incredible features and much more, Gateway® EC14D Series provides system support through an application called Gateway® Recovery Management. Gateway® Recovery Management helps to recover the system from software or hardware crashes, data loss or virus infection.

The need to use Gateway® Recovery Management can arise during the following cases :

  • Hardware failure

  • For the creation of backup data

  • System crash

Hardware failure

Errors with the existing files for the hardware or issues during updating to the latest version can result in hardware malfunctioning. In such cases, Gateway® Recovery Management provides assistance to recover and reinstall the original files, applications or drivers from the hard drive. Since the files are installed from the hard drive itself, there will not be any need of an external source.

For the creation of backup data

Gateway® Recovery Management can be used to protect confidential data on your computer. It can create backup copies of your individual files and folders for future use. Gateway® Recovery Management is able to create backups of locked or open files such as .PST files of Microsoft® Outlook®. This can enable easy recovery of accidentally deleted files since backups are created on hidden partitions of local drives.

System crash

Gateway® Recovery Management in the Gateway® EC14D Series laptops can help you restore your computer during major crashes. A critical virus attack or data loss may lead to a failure in loading the operating system. In that case, Gateway® Recovery Management can restore the system to an earlier damage-free setting and thus restore the operating system. It gives you access to set scheduled backups to automate the security of your computer.

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