Gateway® EC18-Series Restore

Restoration of the Gateway® EC18 notebook computer to factory settings

The Gateway® EC18 series comes in two main models EC1814u and EC1815u, both the systems come with the same configuration of 4 Gigabytes of DDR2 memory, 500 Gigabyte SATA hard disk and processor speed of 1.3 GHz. Each of the laptop comes with a battery life of an average of 8 hours, with a weight of only 1.4kg. The PC uses Intel® Core™ 2 Solo processor and comes preinstalled with the Windows Vista® Home Premium operating system. Sometimes permanent damage or a fault can occur to the system, thus we may need to restore the system to a previous state. This can be done by restoring the Gateway® computer to its original factory settings.

The need, process and consequences of restoring the factory settings are as follows :

  • Need for restoring the Gateway® EC18 to factory settings

  • Process of restoring to the factory settings

  • Consequence of restoring to factory settings

Need for restoring the Gateway® EC18 to factory settings

Errors caused by malicious software within the system can deteriorate the functioning of both the operating system and the hardware of the computer system. In such a case where an antivirus as well as Windows® fails to do its task, the system will be affected. The malware will degenerate the throughput of the system, and hence we need to remove this by restoring the system back to its factory settings.

Process of restoring to the factory settings

The system can be restored back to its factory setting with the help of the Gateway® Recovery Management utility. From the Windows Vista® menu we can select the Gateway® Recovery Management program. Within the program we select the function “Restore to Factory Default”. We can confirm this process by clicking ‘Yes’ and ‘Start.’ The system would restart and Windows® would load and we can follow the step by step procedure to restore the system back to factory default. A hard drive partition can be created so as to install the operating system on that drive. After installation of Windows® is complete we can register our user-name and password again and start using the Windows® operating system with its default factory setting.

Consequence of restoring to factory settings

The data that is stored in the system should be backed up in case of restoring the system to its factory settings. Data can be backed up on secondary storage mediums; the hard disk can also be partitioned so as to store only the operating system on one of the partitions. The data can be copied into the other partition of the system. The drivers of the system can be acquired online from the Gateway® support site. Caution must be taken as the data earlier stored on the system could be lost.

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