Gateway® EC18 Series Wireless Driver

Need of wireless driver in Gateway® EC18 series and to upgrade the wireless driver

Gateway® EC18 series system which is available with Windows® 7 Home Premium would make you grab and go. It is so perfect for your daily commute. The 11.6” widescreen display of the product, delivers widescreen views because of which you can view the multimedia content in a crisp HD. Apart from this, it also has 8 hours of battery life for computing all the day. Wireless Internet access comes preloaded with your Gateway® EC18 series system. Wireless drivers are required to connect Gateway® EC18 series system with the network. There are chances that a driver which is being used in your system gets outdated. It is therefore essential to upgrade your system’s driver with the latest drivers for smooth functioning of external devices.

Following are some of the wireless driver related issues that you might face in your Gateway® EC18 series system :

  • Driver not found

  • Non functioning of hardware

  • Lack of connectivity

Driver not found

After installing a new device in your Gateway® EC18 series system, you might face some issues in using the device. This might be due to absence of driver for such newly installed device or the driver might be corrupted. This can be overcome by installing a new driver program in the system. These driver program can be downloaded and installed from the site of manufacturer or OS, else from the CD that came along with the new device.

Non functioning of hardware

In some cases, you might find that after installing wireless driver in your Gateway® EC18 series system, driver would get crashed within the system and would make one or more hardware non functional. This is mostly caused by incompatibility of one driver with the other. It is recommended that drivers are checked for compatibility to avoid such issues.

Lack of connectivity

After installing the wireless driver in your Gateway® EC18 series system you might face some connectivity issues. This is due to no or bad connectivity with the network. The bad connectivity is mostly due to bad or incorrect installation of drivers which makes the hardware unable to get connected to the network. The no connection issues might be due to strength problem in the network connection, by extending the wireless strength, you can overcome this issue.

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