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The Gateway® EC54 laptop has an aluminium chassis in arctic silver and pacific blue colors. It is so stylish that every user wants to show it off. It includes the Windows® 7 operating system and the Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core processor. It comes with the feature of Gateway® My Backup Manager for backing up important files and other information to increase the battery life.


This laptop has a 15.6-inch HD screen with ultra-bright LED backlit display of 1366X768 resolution that allows the user to enjoy high-definition entertainment. This laptop has an Intel® Wi-Fi link and comes with an integrated webcam to enable video chats. The lightweight and slim figure makes it more suitable for travelers and business executives.

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The Gateway® EC54 laptop is built for both business and entertainment purposes. It has ultra-durable aluminium alloy design that provides superb protection for the display. It includes a 1.3GHz Intel® Pentium® SU4100 processor and a 4GB DDR3 memory for providing advanced document processing. It has 320GB 5400 RPM hard drive to meet the requirements of all types of customers. It comes with Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD video engine, HDMI port, and multi-gesture touchpad. It includes integrated webcam, HDMI® port, and Dolby Sound Room® audio enhancement technology for crisp and natural surround sound. It weighs only 5.29 pounds and its thickness is just one inch, which simplifies mobility. This laptop scores on excellent battery backup. The presence of a six Lithium-ion battery provides a backup of eight hours.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Perfect travel companion

    This laptop is designed keeping business individuals in mind who are always on the move. The weight of just 5.29 pounds and a slim design make it more portable and stylish.

  • FOUR – High-definition audio

    This laptop comes with integrated audio with audio chipset to provide second generation Dolby Sound Room® Audio Enhancement for crisp and natural surround sound. It includes built-in speakers, audio output of 1 microphone port, and audio output of headphone, speaker, and line-out-jack that make it more suitable for entertainment lovers.

  • THREE – Advanced keyboard

    This laptop provides simplicity and fun to users while using the keyboard. It includes a multi-gesture keyboard that allows the users to touch and spin the images and documents for easy computing and more fun than ever before.

  • TWO – Strong battery backup

    This device enables the user to work for longer hours when it is not connected to a power source. The presence of a six Lithium-ion battery provides an excellent backup of eight hours that makes it more suitable for the travelers and other business executives. With it they are able to give business presentations to their clients at any place and at any moment.

  • ONE –  Advanced connectivity

    This laptop allows the user to stay connected with friends and family from any location. This is due to the presence of an integrated Intel® Wi-Fi link, integrated webcam, and microphone to enable the user to talk using the Internet telephone.

Gateway® EC54 laptop has Gateway® My Backup Manager that allows backing up of important files and information. It has Dolby Sound Room® audio enhancement technology to deliver crisp and natural surround sound to suit entertainment lovers. Its low weight and large power backup makes it more ideal for travelers.

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