Gateway® EC54 Series BIOS Update

Issues related to the updation of BIOS in Gateway® EC54 Series laptops

The Gateway® EC54 Series are light notebooks with the Windows® 7 operating system. Its integrated media card helps in transferring photos from your Gateway® EC54 Series. Windows® lets you to send messages and also provides the customization of your conversations. It has a full size keyboard with a multi gesture touch pad. It makes computation very fast. It includes the Intel® Pentium® Dual Core processor and 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 320 GB of SATA drive. It includes 9 cell batteries. They also provide IM and VOIP conversations with colleagues, and video chatting using high definition webcam and microphone. BIOS is the boot firmware program on a PC. It controls the computer from the time you start it, to the time when the operating system takes over. BIOS update in Gateway® EC54 Series means an update of the programs stored on the motherboard ROM memory. BIOS manages the dataflow between the operating system and hard disk, video card, mouse, keyboard, printer and other hardware components.

Sometimes your Gateway® EC54 Series needs a BIOS update, reasons for which are as follows:

  • To improve system stability

  • Hardware issues

  • To cop up with the device changes

To improve system stability

BIOS update help to fix issues related to the system components so that the system can perform well. Online BIOS updating facility can improve the system stability. Updating BIOS can reduce the boot up time of the computer. You can disable the unused peripheral components of your system. If you disable the external devices your operating system will not load it and that will speed up the boot process.

Hardware issues

BIOS needs to update in order to understand the new hardware. BIOS update helps to add new hardware such as ZIP drives. Earlier BIOS might not support the latest processors so you can overcome this by updating BIOS. Updating the BIOS will help to avoid and recover from hardware crashes to an extent.

To cop up with device changes

With the help of BIOS and other applications, you are able to know the exact details of hardware and other input/output devices installed on your Gateway® EC54 series notebooks. You should update the BIOS when the device details changes in your Gateway® EC54 series. This is usually followed by a hardware drive update or the installation of a new device or the replacement of an existing driver or device.

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