Gateway® EC54-Series Memory Upgrade

How can memory up-gradation increase the performance of Gateway® EC54 netbook?

Do you need strong performance with long battery life? Gateway® EC54 series will be the best suitable system to accomplish all these needs. Featuring battery, wide screen, high capacity RAM, etc., helps you to be more productive. Some additional features with this series are Intel® Pentium® Dual Core, Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD, Intel® GS45 Express Chipset, 320GB Hard Drive, Multi-in-1 Media Card Reader, Multi-gesture Touchpad with Lock, Integrated Webcam, and Gateway® Recovery Management. The need of memory up-gradation is actually to improve the performance. The more the memory of a system, more free space would be available to store more data. The computer also has irtual memory space. This is for temporary storage of data. If enough physical memory is available, then the virtual memory data will move in the physical memory space. If ample virtual memory space is available, then you could avoid data crash. However, it is essential to check the maximum memory capacity of your system before up-gradation. The system only holds a fixed amount of memory space. Rather than increase the system performance, over memory capacity will only have negative effects.

The memory up-gradation helps to increase the system performance in the following ways :

  • Increase in system speed

  • Better entertainment

  • Error free up-gradations

  • Improve the multitasking capacity

Increase in the system speed

The most important benefit of memory up-gradation is the increase in system performance. The work load and time affects the system performance negatively. This might be due to the insufficient memory space. The memory up-gradation could solve this problem. By upgrading, the memory more space will be available for storing data and the accessing speed will also be increased. Thus the user would get faster output from the system.

Better entertainment

The entertainment software like graphics card need more memory space to give maximum performance. Thus you will get better experience with the high power entertainment software with the memory up-gradation. Gaming fans can also take advantage of better experience with memory upgradation.

Error free up-gradations

If sufficient memory is not available in your system, software up-gradations will result in errors. This might be due to the incompatibility with the memory. These errors are common when you upgrade an operating system to a higher version. You might know that the size of software increases with the up-gradation. If you upgrade the memory, you could do these up-gradations without any errors.

Improve multi-tasking capacity

Multi-tasking capacity helps you to do more than one task at a time. Memory up-gradation helps you to multitask on your system at a much faster pace. This saves valuable time and effort. Users can derive optimum output from their system.

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