Gateway® EC54 Series Recovery

Gateway® Recovery Management and its role in the Gateway® EC54 Series laptops.

Gateway® Recovery Management and its role in the Gateway® EC54 Series laptops The Gateway® EC54 Series are very thin notebooks with the Windows® 7 operating system. It includes the Intel® Pentium® Dual Core processor and up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and 320 GB of SATA drive. It includes 9 cell batteries that provides long battery life. Its main feature is easy mobility that makes you able to get your e-mails from anywhere. It also provides IM and VOIP conversations with colleagues, and video chat using high-definition webcam and microphone. Gateway® Recovery Management offers backup of the applications and provides these backup to a DVD. This is helpful to the users whose systems contain large amount of data. Your system might be affected by the malware and other system crashes accidently; it might result in loss of your applications. So Gateway® Recovery Management can store the data at the time of any crashes.

A recovery system is required in Gateway® EC54 Series in the following cases :

  • Recovery of data

  • Security

  • To restore the operating system

Recovery of data

Gateway® Recovery management helps to recover your important files after a system crash and you can store it for your future use. Recovery management helps to create back ups of .PST files, Microsoft® Outlook®, etc. The Gateway® Recovery Management creates backup of drivers and applications in your Gateway® EC54 Series. These backup data can be stored in a hard disk. You can store the data in any other external storage media like USB, CD, DVD, etc.


The Gateway® Recovery Management provides security to your Gateway® EC54 series. It helps you with password settings. When you enter the system it asks you for user name and password. So other unauthorized users cannot access your system without your permission. If you want to remove or change your password there, is a facility for that also. An unauthorized user cannot restore your system back to the factory default.

To restore the operating system

Gateway® Recovery Management helps users to restore your system while there are any major crashes. After the crashes some times it is not easy to reinstall the operating system. Recovery Management helps to restore the operating system with an earlier configuration. It also offers scheduled backups which will provide security to your system. The factory recovery disc of Gateway® Recovery Management can help you install a new copy of the operating system.

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