Gateway® EC58 Series Restore

Need of restoring Gateway® EC58 Series Notebooks to the factory settings

Gateway® EC58 series notebook is equipped with an Intel® Ultra Low Voltage Pentium® Dual Core™, Celeron® Dual Core™ and Celeron® (single core) processors and features a hard drive up to 500GB in capacity, and 4GB of memory that may be upgraded to 8GB. There might be various problems associated with your system due to many reasons. The system errors might be due to some malware attack, or installation error, harmful changes to the settings, or accidental deletion of an important system file. Sometimes these issues are difficult to resolve. Restoring your Gateway® EC58 series notebook is a quick fix way to get the system back to original working condition. Restoring the system ensures that no trace of errors that were causing difficulty to the user remains and that system can function as good as a new one.

The following points will give users more information on the consequences of restoring Gateway® EC58 series notebook to the factory settings :

  • Loss of files like pictures, music and word documents

  • System settings will change

  • Change in driver settings

  • Exposure of FAT32 files

Loss of files like pictures, music and word documents

System restore will restore the system files and applications to the previous session. So the system files and applications installed after that period will be deleted. There is no effect on your data files, but you will lose all the files like pictures, music and documents after the date of system restoration. Any updated works will be lost. So it is advised to keep a back up copy of your data.

System settings will change

System settings will change The main consequence is that any software you installed since the snapshot was taken will have to be reinstalled in order to operate correctly. All the settings (such as your wallpaper, Favorites, etc) that you have changed since the snapshot was taken will be lost. You will have to memorize what all you had done to the system and also keep a copy of installation disks to reinstall them.

Change in driver settings

Users might need to reinstall some of the drivers of the Gateway® EC58 series notebook. This is because some of the drivers does not come as part of the standard product and may require users to install them again. Old drivers that could be hard to source must be backed up on a separate media. The driver updates, if available, can also be installed.

Exposure of FAT32 files

System Restore affects Windows® system files, programs, and registry settings. It can also make changes to scripts, batch files, and other types of executable files on your computer. System Restore does not protect FAT32 and other FAT disks because FAT disks do not support the use of shadow copies. You can recover the files using some software or avoid that by storing a backup copy of the files.

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