Review of Gateway® FX Series Desktop

Product Review Summary

The Gateway FX series is an all-in-one desktop model. Like all other desktop models, the Gateway FX model computer has an exceptionally small footprint. With the little size and powerful features, the Gateway FX desktop computer is a great addition to any family room or work space. This model from Gateway works with the high speed Intel Core i7 processor.


The Gateway FX is the entry level desktop computers produced by Gateway. For better graphical appearance, the Gateway FX desktop computer provides an ATI Radeon high definition 5850 graphics card. With this, the user can enjoy movies or videos in high quality. This machine will prove to be a versatile desktop model, whether you plan to use it for work or for play.

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Gateway FX series desktop computers are well intended and are fully featured. Gateway FX desktop computers have sleek housing, bright colors and patterns. A number of USB ports are included in all models of Gateway FX computer; it allow you to connect what you need without carrying extra hubs around.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Processor and RAM

    The Gateway FX series desktop computers come with the latest high performance Intel Core i7 processor. This processor can provide you a whole lot more. The Gateway FX machine has a 3 GB RAM, which is larger than some of the other desktops.

  • FOUR – Drivers

    The Gateway FX desktop computer drivers come in a Windows CD. This means that the Gateway FX Windows 7 system is able to find and install all the drivers with hardly any user interaction. If you have installed a new operating system in your Gateway FX system and your system is not working properly, then this is exactly what this CD has been designed to fix.

  • THREE – System Specification

    The Gateway FX series desktop computer is powered by the latest 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. Gateway FX series desktop computer features 4 GB of RAM and a huge 640 GB hard drive. For connectivity, this desktop provides HDMI output, USB ports, VGS output and Ethernet jack. This desktop computer is compatible with 64 bit Windows 7 operating system.

  • TWO – Windows 7 OS

    The Gateway FX series desktop computer works with the latest Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. It is also compatible with some other versions of Windows. Windows operating system is very responsive, so you can start the system very fast.

  • ONE –  Build and Design

    The Gateway FX series desktop computer weighs in at 11.9 lbs. The CPU of the Gateway FX series system measures at 4.2 x 13 x 10.7 inches. This system’s slim tower design can fit into small nook and crannies. This FX series desktop model has a black shell and most of the connectors or ports are placed behind the CPU.

All desktop computers from Gateway are well intended. The FX series desktop computers are the new release of Gateway, which offer a number of additional features and better performance than many other desktops.