Gateway® Fx6800 Series Desktop Review

Product Review Summary

Gateway® FX6800 series comes with a lot of useful features. It is the first machine that has included Intel® next-generation CoreT i7 processor and a high speed Quad-CoreT chip that can handle eight threads at a time. It is installed with 64-bit Windows Vista® Home Premium SP1 operating system.


Gateway® FX6800 series offers a home theatre experience with surround speaker system that enables users to enjoy high quality gaming. It has extra second graphics card slot to serve the user in a better manner. The presence of two removable hard-drive trays help to swap large amounts of data between PCs.

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Gateway® FX6800 series gives a beautiful dose of stylish design on outside. It has a sophisticated chip with advanced clock speed of 2.66 GHz. It is fitted with two USB ports and multi-card reader at the top with few audio ports at the back of the system. This helps the system to look clean from outside and also enables the user to connect several external devices at a time. Music lovers can enjoy the MP3 sound files in an enhanced form. The system is configured with 3 GB RAM of clock speed at 1066 MHz and 750 GB SATA hard drive that makes it suitable for many businesses and programmer users. This series has been designed to provide an advanced feature by including i7.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Advanced Processor

    Gateway® FX6800 series is the first system that is configured with advanced and powerful Intel® new CoreT i7 Quad-CoreT processor that helps to handle eight threads at a time. It provides a turbo speed technology to the system that makes it more competitive among the users. This helps the user to enjoy high quality gaming.

  • FOUR – Compact configuration

    Gateway® FX6800 series has all the ports and connectors hidden behind slide-away panels. All these are configured below the power button. This helps the system to look clean and gives it a stylish outlook.

  • THREE – Large storage capacity

    It is configured with 750 GB hard-drive that is more than enough to support applications of different businesses and home users. It also includes 3 GB RAM of 1066 MHz clock speed that makes it faster and efficient in process application.

  • TWO – Data swap

    Gateway® FX6800 series is fitted with removable hard-drive trays that enable swapping of large amount of data between the PCs. It is a very simple process and an average user can easily perform it with minimum guidance.

  • ONE – High audio output

    Gateway® FX6800 series provides 8-channel high-definition audio that provides surround sound system. The presence of USB-powered amplified stereo speakers provides a greater sound clarity for music lovers.

With 750 GB hard-drive and 8-channel high-definition audio, Gateway® FX6800 series fulfills entertainment and backup needs.

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