Gateway® FX6800-Series Memory UpgradeMemory

How memory upgradation increases your Gateway FX6800 series desktop’s performance?

FX6800-series is the first gaming computer from Gateway series that comes preinstalled with the Intel Core i7-940 processor and Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. With the smart multicore technology with the Intel processor increases the performance. The multitasking capacity is more effective. With the processor two more additional technologies, such as Intel turbo boostand hyper-threading technologies are added for giving you more digital creativity. The visually sense gaming experience is provided by the ATI Radeon graphics card.

The memory capacity of Gateway FX6800 series is 6 GB and the hard drive capacity is 1TB. This large capacity gives you more space for storing large amount of movies, music etc. If you want to increase the performance of your system, you absolutely need to increase the memory capacity by the memory upgradation. With the stable memory space, your system also has virtual memory. This is a temporary storage space. When the physical memory or actual memory is filled, the data to be processed next will be stored in the virtual memory space. When sufficient memory space is available in the physical memory, the virtual memory data will be changed to the stable memory location. If you increase the physical memory space, you could avoid this temporary storage.

The memory upgradation increases the system performance in the following ways :

  • Decreases the access time

  • Error free upgradation

  • Better multitasking

  • Advanced software installation

Decreases the access time

Access time is the time taken to access a particular output. If the work load is increased the usage of virtual memory will also be increased. Hence it requires enough time to access. The memory up-gradation solves this problem by giving more storage space. Thus the overall system performance also will be increased.

Error free upgradation

Upgradation of software always needs more memory space. If sufficient memory is not available in the memory, error messages will be displayed and you could not continue the upgradation. Software like operating system makes this types of error messages usually. For example if you upgrade the current operating system to Windows 7, this needs minimum 4GB memory space. Thus better memory space will help you to do error free upgradation.
Better multitasking

Better multitasking also is an added advantage through memory upgradation. This allows you to do more tasks in the same time without time consumption.
Advanced software installation

Graphics and Ethernet card software need more memory space for more performance. If you upgrade the memory, you could install more advanced software which gives more advanced features.
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