Gateway® FX6800 Series Network Controller

Learn about network controllers in the Gateway® FX6800 computer

A network controller is also known as an Ethernet card or Local Area Connection adapter. It has an inbuilt card which is attached to the motherboard of Gateway® FX6800. It has a slot to plug in the LAN cable or modem cable. It constitutes an important part of the computer as without it the computer cannot connect to any external or internal network. A network controller assists in connecting a computer to another computer or to a remote server and use any or all its network facilities.

  • Gateway® FX6800 Series Network Controller

  • Details of the network controller installed in Gateway® FX6800

  • Configuration of network controller in Gateway® FX6800

Working of a network controller

An Ethernet card or a LAN card is a silicon chip that has complex circuits embedded in it. One end of it connects to external cable and the other to motherboard. It communicates with other networks using a layer of data link. Using this data link, you can connect to a Local Area Network, home or office workgroup or to a large scale network like Internet routed through protocols like Internet Protocol (IP). A network card has a socket which usually is AUI, BNC or RJ45 to connect a network cable with it. The four different ways to transfer data using a network card are direct memory access, interrupt driven I/O, polling and programming the I/O.

Details of the network controller installed in Gateway® FX6800

Gateway® FX6800 has two light emitting diodes to notify the state of the network currently connected to. It also tells you if data transmission is occurring over a connected network. In a normal state when the computer is connected to a network, one LED should be continuously ON which indicates that the network is detected by the computer and the other LED should be blinking indicating data transmission. The Gateway® FX6800 desktop computer has an integrated Gigabit 10/100/1000 Ethernet card supported by e1000 driver and has a RJ45 socket for connecting LAN or high speed broadband cable.

Configuration of network controller in Gateway® FX6800

If you have just bought a new computer, it is not necessary that you can connect to any network immediately. Although the drivers of LAN card are pre-installed, configuring the network card is still required and it varies with the operating system of the computer. In Windows® 7, before connecting to a network, IP address, default gateway, WINS and a DNS server must be entered.

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