Gateway® FX6800 Series Recovery Management

Are you aware of Gateway® Recovery Management in Gateway® FX6800 Series desktop computers?

When you buy a computer, it usually comes with a backup of original factory default operating system stored on the hard drive. You can copy this backup to a DVD to reinstall your operating system, exactly as it was when you first bought the system. But, some computers do not have backup in the hard drive and thus the reinstallation of operating system, drivers and application files gets difficult. To resolve the problem, Gateway® FX6800 Series desktop computers come with Gateway® Recovery Management tool. The Recovery Management tool creates a backup of the applications and copies these backup to a DVD. The Recovery Management tool is highly useful for people who use the system to contain a large amount of data. Your hard drive may crash or may encounter a virus infection and you might lose your applications, and it is impossible to create a backup every time. Thus, Gateway® Recovery Management tool allows you to restore the data in the event of a crash in a very short period of time.

Let us know more about Gateway® Recovery Management in Gateway® FX6800 Series desktop computers-

  • Backup

  • Recovery

  • Password


Gateway® Recovery Management creates the backup of complete factory installation, which includes the operating system, drivers and application files. All these backup data can be stored in the hard disk. You can also save this backup in external storage media like CD or DVD for further use.


The Gateway® Recovery Management tool creates Factory Recovery Disc. The disc installs a new copy of Windows Vista® operating system on Gateway® FX6800 Series desktop computers. The installation does not recreate the recovery partition but it does install Windows Vista® and all the drivers and programs that originally came with the system. The recovered data is stored in a removable media like CD, DVD or floppy disk. You can use these storage media for installing the operating system and drivers later.


Despite other recovery techniques, the Gateway® Recovery Management tool provides your Gateway® FX6800 Series desktop computers with password settings. The software asks for username and password before you enter into your system. You can set password to your system so that other users cannot access your personal data and files. Thus, unauthorized users cannot restore your system back to the factory default. There are also options for changing or removing password.

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