Gateway® FX6800-Series Restore

Benefits of restoring the system to factory defaults in Gateway® FX6800 Series

Gateway® FX6800 Series system is one of the first gaming supercomputer of Gateway®. The attractive feature of this system makes you grab, one for you. Some of such catching features are FX Design w/ Metallic Accents, 6GB DDR3 Memory, Solid State Drive of 80GB and Norton™ Security trial protection for the system. System Restore is nothing but, one of the Windows® utility which permits you to restore your Gateway® FX6800 system data back to a specific former state, which is normally to default factory settings. You might require restoring your system to factory settings due to some reasons. One such reason might be loss of your password and user name which makes login to the modem impossible. Another might be to reconfigure the third party modem to work with your ISP.

Following are some of the consequences of restoring your Gateway® FX6800 Series system to its factory default:

  • Loss of favorite software

  • Drivers missing

  • Important contents been lost

Loss of favorite software

It is really important to have a back up of, all your favorite programs from your Gateway® FX6800 Series system, before you opt for system restore. This is because, at times you might face the issues of losing your favorite software while restoring to default factory settings option. You shall have a back up of such software in a CD or DVD before starting the restoring process.

Drivers missing

Another issue you might face during the process of restoring your Gateway® FX6800 Series system to factory default might be, missing of the drivers. This might be due to restoring to factory defaults without ensuring sufficient back up of drivers. By having a back up of those drivers in a DVD or CD before you restore your system, would help you in overcoming this issue.

Important contents been lost

By restoring your Gateway® FX6800 Series system to factory default, you might face some issues like losing important contents from your system. It is always better that you have a backup of all the data which you consider to be important in a DVD or a CD. This would really help you to recover those data, in case of loss of data due to system restore process.

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