Gateway® FX6831 Desktop PC

Product Review Summary

Gateway series has added new gaming desktops in their series. These include Gateway FX6831-01 and Gateway FX6831-03 desktops. It provides new features that enhance the gaming experience of the users. It includes interfaces like HDMI which help in connecting the system to an external display. It also features two 3.5″ hot-swappable drive bays along with tool-free expansion for easy-to-add extra storage and backup.


Gateway has introduced new FX6831 series desktops which offer higher premium performance. These desktops can be used for gaming purposes with the new visual and multimedia features. You can increase the productivity with the large capacity feature of the desktop hard disk drive. It is powerful yet easy to use with front and side positioned ports, USB equipped storage tray for digital devices, and a rear compartment to unclutter wiring.

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Gateway series is well known to produce high performance desktops. The latest desktop series include FX6831 series. These desktops are gaming PCs which offer high gaming experience with the help of streamlined multimedia enhancements. It includes 2 desktops Gateway FX6831-01 and Gateway FX6831-03. These desktops have Intel Core i7-860 processor with 2.8 GHz speed. The Turbo boost technologies of these desktops are maximized upto 3.46 GHz. Both of these desktops are integrated with Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium. Gateway FX6831-01 comes with 8192MB DDR3 dual channel memory whereas, Gateway FX6831-03 comes with 16GB DDR3 dual channel memory. These desktops come with a 7200rpm SATA hard disk drive with capacity 1.5 TB.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Intel H57 Express Chipset

    Gateway FX6831-01 and FX6831-01 comes has new Intel H57 Express Chipset technology. The chipset adds new technologies as well as innovative capabilities in these desktops. Thus the system can work with digital media services. These desktops also offer the new Intel Quiet System Technology and its Rapid Recover Technology. These technologies provide a recovery point which can be used to recover the system quickly.

  • FOUR – ATI Radeon HD 5850 Graphics Processor

    Another feature included in this Gateway series is the new graphic processor. It has the latest ATI Radeon HD 5850 graphics processor. You can expand the visual of the desktop across three displays with the help of latest ATI Eyefinity Technology. The desktop thus gives support to newly emerging applications like Microsoft DirectX 11, explosive HD gaming and realistic visuals.

  • THREE – Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader

    The Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader has been added with enhanced Photo Frame button. The card reader can be used to transfer video as well as photos from the digital camera to the desktop easily. The card reader has been made capable to recognize a variety of formats. You can turn on slideshow of photos in the monitor with one touch on the Photo Frame button.

  • TWO – High Definition Multimedia Interface

    Gateway FX6831-01 and Gateway FX6831-03 desktops has been added with an High Definition Multimedia Interface. The feature allows you to enjoy high definition multimedia by connecting the desktop to an external display like TV. You can use a single cable to transmit your audio as well as video signals simultaneously to a TV display. Thus, you can get sharpest and smoothest display of your images and movies.

  • ONE –  Gateway Recovery Management

    Gateway Recovery Management is a feature useful in creating default data backup disk. It can also be used to create backup disk of applications and drivers. You can use these disks to restore the system to factory settings and reinstall your applications and drivers.

Gateway FX6831 desktop is the desktop which has been designed to suit your multimedia needs. You can explore gameplay and graphics creation with the multi-core Gateway FX6831 PC, a 750w machine with the modernized looks of a race car.