Gateway® FX6831 Series Recovery Management

Why is Gateway® Recovery Management program required for Gateway® FX6831 series system?

In the current world situation, you are in a great need to protect and manage large volume of data. Likewise, protection and management of data is gaining great importance for the best performance of a business. Most organizations give much importance only for the protection of data and ignore or give less importance to the recovery of data. Actually protection alone can’t help; it needs to be joined together with recovery to help you to perform the most in your system activity. These recovery management programs help in the recovery of right data at the right time, so easily and reliably. The Gateway® Recovery Management program for your Gateway® FX6831 Series system is designed to give more attention to application awareness than merely protecting data. This recovery management program is a must in your system to avoid some adverse conditions like loss of drivers, OS, malware threats, and lots more.

The following are some of the roles played by Gateway® Recovery Management in your Gateway® FX6831 Series system :

  • Protection of data

  • Having a backup OS

  • Protection to your system

  • Drivers back up

Protection of data

Gateway® Recovery Management offers continuous data protection through automatically saving all the changes that you keep making to the data, while enabling the administrator or user to restore data. Apart from data protection, it also provides granular restoration at object levels like files, messages, and so on. Thus, it ensures complete data protection to your system.

Having a backup OS

Gateway® Recovery Management in your Gateway® FX6831 Series system plays a great role by getting you the back up of your operating system. At times, you might lose your OS due to some reasons like OS getting affected by malwares and during system format. In such instances, you could get back your OS from the back up maintained from such recovery management program.

Protection to your system

Your Gateway® FX6831 Series system could get infected because of some virus or malware or any other threats. Such malware or infected files shall steal all your valuable personal and financial data and also harms the performance of your system. While, with the presence of Gateway® Recovery Management program in your system, you can easily protect you system from such threats. It also acts as an antivirus program in detecting, destroying and blocking the entry of such malicious threats.

Drivers back up

The drivers of your system might get affected due to a virus or infected file. In such cases, it would be difficult for you to access your external and input devices. Else, you might lose your drivers during the Gateway® FX6831-series system format. But these issues could be resolved with the presence of Gateway® Recovery Management program in your system. This program plays an important role by having backup of drivers installed in your system automatically.

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