Device Drivers for Gateway® Computers

What are the tips to resolve the issues while installing device drivers in Gateway computers?

The Gateway Series systems are equipped with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, 4GB memory capacity, and 320GB hard drive. It is powered with highly advanced multi-media applications, easy usability and better entertainment. The AMD Phenom processor gives you triple-core power with the processor-intensive applications, and achieves super system performance. For each and every Windows 7 system, the device drivers are most important component. To interact each of the higher level programs in the system to the devices, the system needs this device drivers. The drivers use the system bus to communicate with the devices in the gateway system. Each of the drivers in the system depends upon the hardware component and the underlying Operating System. Since the drivers are designed to work with some specific environments, the change in these environments might cause some problems.

The issues that can come while installing device drivers in to the Gateway system and the tips to solve them are as following:

  • Computer crashes

  • Error messages

  • Improper functioning of devices

Computer crashes

Computer crashes occur due to the incompatibility of device drivers with the motherboard. Sometimes the device drivers does not suit the motherboard and thus it starts creating problems. If unsuitable drivers installed in your Gateway system, conflict between the drivers occurs and thus the computer will be freeze. If any of the older versions of the drivers exists in the system, then there is a chance of conflict between these two drivers and thus the system will display the blue screen errors.

Error messages

"Error 126" error messages are the most common problem due to database problem. The reason for this message is that your driver is not working properly. If this error occurred then you won’t be able to access any files from the database. You can correct this problem by installing the right driver.

Improper functioning of devices

The upgradation of operating system is the main reason for this problem. If you upgrade your operating system, then the drivers will not suitable for the new devices. Sometimes they will not work at all. For example, the drivers for Windows XP may not be suitable for Windows Vista. The devices which are commonly affected by this problem are audio devices, network devices or any other video devices.

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