Restore Gateway® Laptops to Factory Settings

What are the tips to restore Gateway laptops to its factory settings?

Factory settings are standard settings of the Gateway provided by manufacturer. This is helpful when your system gets corrupted by virus attack and you don’t want to reinstall the Operating System again. This is also helpful when unwanted downloading and installation of some software took place. This may result in loosing of system files and corruption of your important system utilities. Another situation where this restoration is needful is when you are planning to sell your system to somebody. This helps to prevent passing of your important data to anybody. Factory settings are needed when one of your found malfunctioned or you have installed one driver which is not supporting in your Gateway laptop. In all these cases it is wise to go to previous state of system. Windows offers System restore utility to do this restoration to factory settings successfully.

Ways to restore Gateway laptops to factory settings are given below:

  • From Advanced Boot Option

  • Using System Restore Option

  • From Start-up menu

From Advanced Boot Option

Gateway laptops provides easy way to restore the system to 'Factory settings'.You need to tap the 'F8' key while the boot process and select 'Repair your computer' from the 'Advanced boot' options. You will be prompted to enter the administrator password. Once you enter the password, you need to select 'Restore to Factory settings' and then you can follow the onscreen instructions. This process would format your hard drive and reinstall the operating system, drivers etc. in a very short time. If the 'Repair Windows' does not work, and you may use the recovery CD.

Using System Restore Option

This is one of the ways to do system restore to factory settings in Gateway laptops. In Windows you can select this utility from 'System tools' in 'Accessories'. Here you can select restore points from a calendar. At all these restore points an image of corresponding system condition will be stored. When you select one restore point, corresponding image will be loaded. This may solve many of the problems.

From Start-up menu

There is another option to restore factory settings is to restore from start-up of your system. Turn off your system. Then you will get a black screen as usual. Continue pressing 'F1'. Then you can see setup configuration mode. From 'Menu' you can select option to 'Restore default factory settings'. This is an easy way to restore factory settings without using CD. Reboot your Gateway laptop after successful restoration.

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