Upgrade Memory in Gateway® Laptop

Why do we need to upgrade memory in the Gateway laptops?

The memory upgradation of Gateway laptop is one of the effective methods that are used for each and every user to improve the system performance. So you can use this method to improve the system performance if the system gets slow down. Through memory upgradation the user can store more pictures, videos etc. on the Gateway laptop. The use of additional storage spaces such as USB can be avoided with this memory up-gradation. The user could add more space to the RAM during this up-gradation process. The amount up to which you could add to the RAM can be known from the Device Manager. The needed situations of the memory upgradation includes the periodic error messages which inform you that Gateway laptop lags memory, the unexpected shut downs during installation of software etc. You can avoid all these issuers with the upgradation of memory.

Following are the important situations that require memory upgradations in Gateway laptops:

  • For system optimization

  • To improve printing

  • To improve multitasking

For system optimization

Optimization is the process of improving the system performance through various methods. Memory upgradation is one of the most effective tasks in the optimization of the system. Through memory upgradation, the user can improve the system performance by adding more software in to the Gateway laptop. This additional software will help you to improve the productivity from the system.

To improve printing

A printing holdup can be set easily with a simple memory upgrade in Gateway laptop. And the increase in performance may have a big contact on productivity, particularly in a networked environment where several PCs may be sharing one printer. A printer memory upgrade requires both quality and speed. The quality will get better because additional memory helps you to print improved at higher resolutions. And you would be able to print earlier because a printer buffers part of a print job before actually printing.

To improve multitasking

If you are working more than one process at the same time, that type of processing is known as the multitasking. For instance the word processor and the e-mail checking can be done in the same time. But the Gateway laptop could support this multitasking only if it contains enough memory. So if the system does not contain enough memory, this multitasking will be slow down and thus the system performance also. This is because of the time lagging of processor to locate the proper memory locations of both these processes. The insufficient memory would unmanageably arrange the data in the system and thus this time lagging occurs. So by improving the memory capacity, you can improve the multitasking in Gateway laptop.

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