Gateway® Laptops compatible with Windows® XP®

Discuss some of the Gateway laptops compatible with Windows XP.

Gateway laptops provide high mobility, Internet access, multimedia and communications. Gateway laptops are available in several series like LT, ID, EC, NV etc. Gateway LT series of computers are compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows XP Operating System. Gateway LT series are known as Netbook computers from Gateway series. All the LT series Netbook comes with AMD processor and provides good battery back up. Installing the Windows XP Operating system is a better way to user the Gateway LT Netbook efficiently. Windows XP is the most popular version of Windows Operating System. Windows XP is the successor to Windows 2000 Operating System and Windows Me. Windows XP is available in different versions. The most common editions of Windows XP are Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional.

Features, benefits and technical specification of some of the Gateway laptops compatible with Windows XP are given below:

  • Gateway LT1004u

  • Gateway LT3103u

  • Gateway LT2016u

Gateway LT1004u

Gateway LT1004u is the Netbook computer fro Gateway’s LT series which provide excellent performance with Windows XP Operating system. Gateway LT1004u system comes with Intel Atom N270 processor and graphics adaptor from Intel. This uses Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, display of Gateway LT1004u got 8.9 inches with 1024×600 resolution. Gateway LT1004u weighs only 1kg. If you install the Windows XP Operating System in Gateway LT1004u, you can enjoy speed and performance of Gateway LT1004u.

Gateway LT3103u

Gateway LT3103u comes with 11.6-inch display but its AMD processor CPU is more powerful than Intel Atom chips. Gateway LT3103u got processor of AMD Athlon and this comes with graphics adaptor of ATI Radeon Xpress X1270. Display of Gateway LT3103u is 11.6 inch display with resolution of 1366× 768. This can deliver you high performance in Windows XP Operating system.

Gateway LT2016u

Gateway LT2016u is Netbook from Gateway with Intel Atom processor for better performance and speed. This Netbook processor is Intel Atom N270 processor. Graphics adaptor is the hardware which is needed to get advanced graphics capability for Gateway LT2016u. Display of the Gateway LT2016u laptop is 10.0 inch wide with 1024×600 pixel resolution. You can easily install and operate Windows XP Operating System in Gateway LT2016u.

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