Installing drivers on Gateway® GT5228 Desktop

Read on to know about installing drivers for Gateway GT5228 desktop?

Gateway GT5228 system is the new Media Center Desktop PC. The powerful and reliable PC is made ready to perform more multimedia applications. The PC lets you work or play in multiple programs without need to wait much by the AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor included. The system is kept cool under pressure with the Gateway’s BTX design. AMD LIVE! Technology gives you maximum digital entertainment with capability to manage digital media files and other important multimedia files. It comes integrated with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 as its default operating system. This makes sharing and playing of media files more easy in the PC. It comes integrated with many drivers at its initial time. But, if you upgrade the operating system or if these drivers are damaged; then it is the time to install appropriate drivers in the system to ensure proper functioning.

Here are some tips to find, download, install and update BIOS, audio, video and other drivers on Gateway GT5228 system:

  • Tips to find

  • Tips to download

  • Tips to install

  • Tips to update

Tips to find

As you are in need of drivers for Gateway GT5228 system, first of all you need to search for drivers. Windows Update Service when installed in your system can help you in this task. If you are sure of the driver details, then you can get use of certain websites for this purpose. For this, you need to visit websites like manufacturer's website and enter details of your device in the system. The website will then display appropriate drivers.

Tips to download

After searching out drivers for the Gateway GT5228 system, next step is to download these drivers. Downloading means, setting-up files for your system. It is possible that some drivers included in the manufacturer's website may not have passed compatibility test of Microsoft and if they are downloaded in the system, can harm your files. Thus, you need to check the compatibility before downloading.

Tips to install

You can now start installing the driver for Gateway GT5228 system. It is good to install drivers in Safe Mode to avoid any possible damages to the system. You can start installing with double-clicking the downloaded files and follow on-screen instructions to complete installation. If you get any warning messages, you need to stop the installation process and contact the manufacturer to report error.

Tips to update

The drivers included in the Gateway GT5228 system are usually not genuine ones. You need to update these drivers with latest features after installation process. This is to be done so that the system gets necessary information to run the device properly. It is good to take a backup of these drivers before making any updates.

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