Memory upgrades in Gateway® GT5404

What is the need of upgrading memory in the Gateway GT5404 system?

Memory up-gradation offers many benefits like system optimization, improved multitasking, efficient Internet access etc. System optimization is the process of improving the system performance through some techniques. Memory up-gradation is the most important among such optimization processes. Multitasking is the process of execution of more than one process at the same time. The upgraded memory capacity could support all such things and thus you could improve the performance of the system. The most dangerous effect of less memory space is the slowing down of the computer. This tendency might be manifested in slow switching between programs, slow opening and closing of programs, and lock-ups in certain programs. These issues would be most effective when you edit photos or play games. If all these symptoms occur, memory up-gradation would be needed. When you install new drivers or new software, some types of incompatibility issues would arise. This might be due to insufficient memory space. This might most commonly happen after the installation of high power graphics card. So, before installing these types of programs, check whether your system needs memory up-gradation. Sometimes you might spend a long time opening some sites. The memory up-gradation could also increase the network speed and help avoid delays.

Following are some types of memory upgrades that can be performed in the Gateway GT5404 system:

  • Memory speed

  • Storage memory

  • PIN type

Memory speed

Memory speed is the speed at which the memory communicates with the system. The memory speed in the system is measured in megahertz. If this number is more, then greater would be the speed and the performance of the system. You could increase the speed of the memory in your Gateway GT5404 system through two different ways; by adjusting the settings in the BIOS and the second method is to simply upgrade the memory capacity of the system. You could increase the clock speed in the BIOS. The memory upgrade in the system means the up-gradation of RAM capacity in this system. The maximum memory capacity supported by this system is 4GB.

Storage memory

The storage memory in the system is mainly the hard drive capacity of the system. In this system, the hard drive comes with a capacity of 250GB and the user could increase this to the maximum limit. To do this, the user needs to replace the hard drive in the system with the one with more capacity.

PIN type

PIN type is a number used to identify the RAM technology assigned to the system. 180 and 200 are the common pins available. To upgrade this, the user needs to replace the RAM modules. The memory modules suitable for this system are 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB. DDR3 is the technology used in all these types.

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