Fixing restore issues in Gateway® KAV60

Read on to know how to restore Gateway KAV60 to factory settings.

You may get some issues with Gateway KAV60 laptop. Some of these issues may never be resolved. The final step in resolving all these issues is to restore the system. You can restore the system to an earlier point or to its factory settings. As you restore the Gateway KAV60 to its factory settings, all modifications made to the system after the initial use is removed. You may get back the system with its default password and it is much useful if you forgot the current password. But, it is possible that you get some issues while restoring the system. One among these issues includes the system freeze or hangs while the restoring process takes place.

Here are some tips to fix restore issues in Gateway KAV60 laptop:

  • Ensure proper running of system restore
  • Restore in Safe Mode
  • Ensure sufficient disk space

Ensure proper running of system restore

To fix restore issue in Gateway KAV60 laptop, you need to ensure that the system restore feature is running properly. For this, you need to follow some simple steps. You need to get the computer management of the system by entering compmgmt.msc in Run command box. You need to then expand Services options and select the System Restore Services. You can type in Net Start at the command prompt. This ensures that the system can run System Restore Service properly.

Restore in Safe Mode

If you get some problems with system restore in Gateway KAV60 laptop, and then you can try restoring in Safe Mode. For this, you need to restart the system and press F8 key after the BIOS screen. You can then select the Safe Mode and press the Enter key. You need to then log on to the system with Administrator account. You can then select the Restore my computer to an earlier time and press the Next button to proceed with restoring task.

Ensure sufficient disk space

You need to ensure that the system is provided with sufficient disk space in the drive, which includes the System restore feature. For this, you need to type diskmgmt.msc in the Run command box and press the Enter key to open the Disk Management tool. You need to then look at each drive System Restore is monitoring for free space. If the free disk space is less than 50 MB, then the system restore function can be suspended. It can remove all restore points to free disk space. You can continue the restore task when the free disk space reaches more than 200 MB.

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