Features of Gateway® KAV60 system

Features and performance of Gateway KAV60 system is mentioned below.

Gateway is the new name in laptop developers. It has introduced a number of laptops with high-performance features. Among these, the newest is the Gateway KAV60 system. It comes with an integrated webcam. The webcam can be used for sending and displaying images and thus to support process like video chatting. It comes with a multi-gesture touchpad with which you can enter your inputs easily. The laptop has been made much stylish with its cool looks. It has been included with the new gateway recovery management feature. It provides you with many functions like manage password settings, create default backup disk application driver disk, recover drive disk and restore system factory default. You can get more power backup from the laptop with the Lithium Ion battery included in it, which provides extended battery life.

Here are some technical specifications of Gateway KAV60 systems:

  • Processor

  • Hard Disk Drive and Memory

  • Connectivity and Ports


Gateway KAV60 system comes with the new Intel Atom Processor integrated. The processor has a speed of 1.66 GHz. It has a capacity of up to 512 KB and a L2 cache. It also provide the laptop with 533 MHZ FSB. With this, you can get more applications done in seconds. You can get complex tasks converted to simple ones with good outputs. The processor gives full support to all your multimedia applications as well as business needs.

Hard Disk Drive and Memory

The storage capacity is the notable feature of the Gateway KAV60 system. The laptop has been included with a hard disk drive, having 5400rpm. It also has a capacity of 160GB. The memory included in it is DDR2 memory of capacity 1 GB. With these storage features, you no longer need to worry about lack of space while installing or adding new applications.

Connectivity and Ports

Gateway KAV60 system comes with many new connectivity features as well as new handy ports. The connectivity feature of the laptop includes the 3G Wireless connectivity and the built-in wireless. The 802.11b/g wireless connectivity gets you the freedom to stay connected always without the need of wires or cables. If you are preferred to use wired connections, then you have the option for using the Wired Local Area Network connection. The laptop comes with 3 USB ports for high data transfer rate.

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