Restoring Gateway® LT 20 Series to Factory Default

Know more about restoring Gateway LT 20 Series to Factory Default

Gateway LT 20-series laptops are built with Intel Atom processor N280 and supports up to 2GB of RAM. It has 160 GB Hard disk Drive. Windows XP Home (Service Pack 3) is pre-loaded on this laptop. Factory restore option is used under various circumstances. During the Factory Restore process, your hard drive partition is re-formatted and the operating system is re-loaded and all the device drivers are re-installed. There could be a virus infection on your computer which your antivirus program cannot detect or remove; your computer crashes with a serious error which you cannot fix or you re-place your hard drive. In such scenarios you can restore the computer to the factory defaults.

Consequences of restoring Gateway LT 20-series to its factory defaults are:

  • Data Loss

  • Loss of applications

  • Internet and E-mail settings

  • Login information

  • Exceeding of license counts

Data Loss

When you select ‘Restore system to factory defaults’, your hard drive partition is re-created and you loss all the data saved on your computer. You need to make sure that you have backed up the data to a safe location before you begin to restore the computer. After restoring the computer to factory defaults, you can restore the files that you backed up. We suggest you to install an updated anti-virus program and scan the backed up data before you restore it.

Loss of applications

Your laptop will only have an operating system and a standard set of software when you purchase it. You install many applications on your computer to make your Job easy. You download and install many games from the Internet .These information will be lost after you restore the computer to factory defaults. Before you start the restore process ensure that you have the backup CD or you know the website address to download these programs/games. So, you can re-install them after you restore the computer.

Internet and E-mail settings

All the settings will be restored to Factory defaults. If you use an e-mail client to check your e-mails then you need to know the e-mail server settings like outgoing and incoming e-mail server address etc. you might need to re-configure your browser settings like Home page settings, trusted sites list etc.

Login information

You save your passwords on your computer which will not be there anymore after you restore the computer to factory defaults. Ensure that you know all your passwords before your restore the computer.

Exceeding of license counts

Some software vendors set a limit for the re-installation to protect their software against piracy. Such software will have product key or a pin that you have to enter during their re-installation. The software installation stops if the allowed number of installation is exceeded. In such cases you need to contact the software vendor for suitable support.

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